What’s new in version 2.1 update

There is so much to look forward to Jinshin effectUpdate version 2.1. Known as “The Floating World under the Moonlight”, we will see a continuation of the traveler’s journey in the Inazuma region. This culminated in quests, events, items, characters (for example, Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Aloy) and more. Here’s our guide and overview to help you with everything you need to know about “Floating World Under the Moonlight” Version 2.1 is updated in Jinshin effect.

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What’s new in Jinshin effect Version 2.1 Update – Floating World Under the Moonlight

New characters: The Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara and Sangonomiya Kokomi

Perhaps one of the characters that many people look up to Jinshin effectThe Floating World Under the Moonlight 2.1 update is Raiden Shogun. The ruler of Inazuma is known as Ei. However, she also serves as the embodiment of Electro Archon, Baal. The Traveler has had some close calls with her, and we know she won’t stop at anything until she completes her Vision Hunt ordinance.

Raiden Shogun is aided by her trusted assistant, Kujou Sara from the Tenryo Committee. The loyalist forces oppose the rebels led by Sangunomiya Kokumi.

Note 1: Raiden Shogun (5 stars) and Kujou Sara (4 stars) will be part of the “Reign of Serenity” wish banner, which runs from September 1 to September 21, meanwhile, Sangonomiya Kokomi will have her own wish banner. this point.

Note 2: You can take a look at our website Character building guide For Raiden Shogun, so do our Another guide by Kujou Sara. We will have a separate guide to Sangonomiya Kokomi later.

Jinshin Effect Release 2.1 Floating World Under Moonlight Overview What's New Raiden Shogun Aloy La Senora Fishing Crystal Events 1a

Free 5-star promotional character: Aloy

An intersection no one expected, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn / Horizon Forbidden West It arrives Jinshin effect. It started as a PlayStation exclusive during the 2.1 update. If you are on a different platform, you will need to wait for the 2.2 update (October 13). If you are a PS4 / PS5 owner, You can get it early, then go back to your computer where it will still be part of your list.

Noticeable: You can take a look at our website Aloy . Character Building Guide To find out more about its capabilities.

Genshin Effect Release 2.1 Floating World Under Moonlight Overview What's New Raiden Shogun Aloy La Signora Events The Catch Fishing Genesis Crystals 1b

Serai Island, Watatsumi Island, Domains and Quests

Two more islands will be added in Jinshin effectInazuma District as part of the version 2.1 update. Sirai Island is a place surrounded by constant devastation and storms. Meanwhile, the island of Watsumi is the base of operations of the resistance forces.

Besides, we will also see a trounce domain, Narukami Island: Tenshukaku, which is the abode of Raiden Shogun. Likewise, there is a mansion in the pond area that can be challenged for primojimes and electro sigils.

Noticeable: Serai Island and Watatsumi Island can be unlocked if you arrive Adventure rating 30 and complete The first chapter of the Inazuma Archon mission. As for Narukami Island: Tenshukaku trounce domain, it requires you to complete the entire saga, including chapter three (mentioned below).

Gen Pct New Ver Fltwr Umnlt 3

New bosses, enemies and quests

I’ve had some feuds with Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara. Now, your exploits lead you to the “omnipresence of mankind”. This is the third chapter of the Inazuma Archon’s mission, and the epic arc conclusion. This will later be followed by the story missions of Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi. These are known as the “Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter” and the “Dracaena Somnoleta Chapter” respectively. More world missions will also be added to existing regions.

As for bosses and elites, we know that La Signora, the eighth of the Fatui Harbingers family, can be fought off. Aside from La Signora, we’ll be dealing with Hydro Hypostasis and Thunder Manifestation, elite enemies that can be farmed every few minutes or so. Finally, we’ll see Specters, floating creatures that roam the islands.

Jinshin Effect Release 2.1 Floating World Under Moonlight Overview What's New Raiden Shogun Aloy La Senora Fishing Crystals 3a Events

New materials for farming

These enemies offer items that the new characters use:

  • La Signora drops the materials used in the rise of high-level talent. Examples include Molten Moment (used by Raiden Shogun and Aloy), Ashen Heart (used by Kujou Sara), and Hellfire Butterfly (used by Sangonomiya Kokomi).
  • Thunder skin has Storm Beads and Vajrada Amethyst (used by Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara).
  • The water bowl contains dew from talaq and Varunada Lazurite (used by Sangonomiya Kokomi).
  • Spectrum Drops Spectral Mummies/ Spectral Core/ Spectral Core (used by Aloy and Sangonomiya Kokomi).
  • As for the animals, you can expect to find Amakumo fruit on Seirai Island (used by Raiden Shogun) and Sango Pearls on Watatsumi Island (used by Sangonomiya Kokomi).

Noticeable: For other materials, Kujou Sara simply requires Hilichurl masks and Dendrobium flowers. Meanwhile, Aloy needs marrow nodes And Crystal Crystal / Shivada Jade from Cryo Hypostasis. We’ll also be including additional guides for remaining enemy encounters and farming locations soon, so stay tuned for that.

Jinshin Effect Release 2.1 Floating World Under Moonlight Overview What's New Raiden Shogun Aloy La Senora Fishing Crystals 3B Events

New hunting system, events, weapons and additional reinforcements

The fishing will finally arrive Jinshin effect As part of the version 2.1 update. No, it’s not just about jumping into a flat of water and catching fish, but real mechanics. There will also be an event associated with that particular system. As of now, here’s what the schedule of events looks like:

  • Hyakunin Ikki (September 2 to 13) – Bring two characters to fight opponents in tag team battles. The main bonus is the celebration: an Ikee name card.
  • Moon World (September 10-20) – This is it Jinshin effectHunting event where you will use bait and bait to catch more things. We know the Moonstringer fishing rod is an exclusive event bonus. However, it should also be noted that The Catch, a 4-star class, is rumored to be obtainable via the hunting system as well.
  • Spectrum Secrets (from September 19 to September 26) – These are missions of the type of expedition.
  • Moonlight Merriment (September 27-October 5) – This is a multi-stage event where you will participate in a festival (you will even cook and deliver your own gourmet dishes). The main bonus here is a 4-star claymore called the Luxurious Sea-Lord.
  • The passage of the clouds and stars (from September 28 to October 13) – this is not actually an event. Instead, you simply need to log in (for a maximum of seven days) to claim rewards such as Staggered Fate. Yes, you can have up to 10 of these pink orbs used for featured wish signs. Hopefully you won’t end up with a duplicate of Qiqi or Keqing.

Gen Pct New Ver Fltwr Umnlt 1

Furthermore, since I’ve already talked about weapons and desires/destinies, you can expect it Jinshin effectUpdate 2.1 for “Floating World Under the Moonlight” contains new equipment for the gacha audience. The upcoming “Epitome Invocation” wish banner (September 1-21) will feature The Unforged (5 claymore stars) and Engulfing Lightning (5 polearm stars). The Engulfing Lightning, based on raw numbers, is one of Raiden Shogun’s best weapons.

Finally, those who like to spend more money will be happy to know that the bonus 2x for Genesis crystals will be restored once version 2.1 is released. Remember, this is a one-time only bonus for each value/quantity of formation crystals.

Gen Pct New Ver Fltwr Umnlt 2

Jinshin effect Available via Official Website. For more information, check out our website Axle guides and features.

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