Thrustmaster T248 delivers more power at a more affordable price

The next generation of racing is here, and Thrustmaster comes with Advertising From the Thrustmaster T248 racing wheel. Retailing for $399, the Force Feedback racing wheel is compatible with PC as well as PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Designed for dedicated racing players, the Thrustmaster T248 features a “hybrid drive” system that combines belt and gear mechanics. With this combination, Thrustmaster states that the force feedback provided will give players an “unparalleled” experience on any track.

These powerful reactions come with three types of reactions that can all be customized right on the same wheel.

  • FFB 1: Linear force reaction, in which the force felt by the user is 100% proportional to the force requested by the game.
  • FFB 2: Enhanced force feedback, for better sliding control.
  • FFB 3: Enhanced reaction force, allowing users to clearly feel all the effects of the race from the track (rumble streaks, slipping off the track, etc.).

Information at your fingertips

The Thrustmaster T248 has a PlayStation button design, but is, again, fully compatible with your PC. On the same wheel you’ll find 25 different action buttons, nearly twice the amount of previous Thrustmaster wheels. The new magnetic paddle shifters also aim for faster shifting with a response time of 30ms.

Also on the steering wheel is the display of the dashboard. Offering over 20 different displays – depending on the game – users can adjust the wheel’s spin angle and Force Feedback type, or view information such as lap times, position and more.

Thrustmaster T248

The pedals allow for customization and comfort (Credit: Thrustmaster)

The wheel includes the new T3PM pedal assembly. Like paddle shifters, the pedals – gas, brake and clutch – are magnetic. There are four different spring configurations, allowing for modifications that are rarely available to those priced at $400 or less.

Thrustmaster T248 launches on October 21, 2021 in North America, Europe and the Middle East. The rest of the world will see it available in late 2021.

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