Tormented Souls – How to Get the Good End

where tormented souls inside mold From the old survival horror games, there is more than one end to get it. It’s very easy to get the good thing here, although it’s still clearly not to be missed. I will put everything you need to do to get the best end of the game. you don `t want Struggle through Hell Just to get a consolation prize, right? A good ending requires one missing item that you will find after going down the stairs in William’s office. Once you are in this area, there are two ways to move forward. One leads to a door that takes you to a strange room with a compass in the middle.

This room is a puzzle. To solve it, you will need to read a pattern that changes with each puzzle step. The way this puzzle works is simple, although it’s more complicated than it looks. The first hint indicates something a poor man might want. One of the doors is golden, so this is the first door you want to go through. But it’s not just doors. You need to look at the altars and directions on the map. I won’t go into every tip so I’ll just tell you what to do at each step.

After passing through the golden door, you will then pass through the door by the empty altar. The next tip refers to getting lost at sea, so go through the door marked by the northern part of the compass. Then he passed through the wooden door, followed by the door with an altar with dirt in it. Finally, pass through the door indicated by the coal altar, before passing the door indicated by the west on the compass. After that, you will find yourself free from the maze.

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Walking on the boy’s house

Once you enter the next area, be aware that there are two pedestrians here. You can either try to bait them and run after them or kill them. It’s up to you, and if you’re accurate and plan to continue to be accurate, you’ll have enough ammo to take those two down and kill everything else the game throws at you. Get past them and you’ll find the antidote. This is the main ingredient you will need to get a good finish tormented souls. Now get out again to the area before the compass puzzle and continue playing the game as usual.

Once you get close to the end of the game, you will meet the priest and you will notice that the creature that was chasing you is on a cross body on the left wall behind. Kill the enemies here and then get close to the creature and use the antidote on them. They will fall from the cross and reveal a pair of bolts hiding behind them. This is another necessary element. After you beat the last boss, head back to the boardroom with the VHS player where you traveled back in time before. Place the “trial” tape where you poured the acid onto the string.

Go back to that area and use the bolt cutters on the chain that is still burning. Talk to the girl inside, watch the scene, then use the cross key on the door in the main hall to get the good ending and leave. If you want a more pessimistic ending, you can also go to the door without breaking the chain. If you don’t use the antidote on the creature at all, you’ll get the bad ending.

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