Tormented Souls – How to beat the ultimate boss

saying that tormented souls He has a “final boss” is actually misleading, so I’m so sorry. This implies that there are other bosses, there aren’t, but the ‘ultimate boss’ sounds a lot more straightforward than just the ‘boss’, don’t you think? It’s also more a puzzle than a boss fight, but whatever. You’re here now and I’ll explain how to bypass this section, and that’s what matters. I hope you have reached this saving point before. I’m not saying this part requires several tries or anything, but you never know.

As you will immediately notice, the boss is a large, heart-thumping beast on a cross. It shoots blood at you every few seconds, but the good news is that it can’t hit you on the move. If you dodge when you hear this attack’s beep (press square / X while aiming) you won’t take any damage if you time it right as well. Your first course of action is to get a feel for the area. There are three tendril-wrapped consoles, plus supplies. These supplies include a medical kit and screws. You technically only need 15 nails to beat your boss, so, as long as you get that far, you can’t get stuck as long as you know what you’re doing.

The basic gist of the fight is that you have to use all three consoles to bypass this section. To get started, find a console and walk to the part of the walkway near the boss, remembering to get out of the way when you need to. Shoot it with five nails (or you can use the shotgun if you prefer. There are shells for that in this room too.) Once you do that, tendrils on the keyboards will appear. Simply walk towards them and damage them until they get out of the way. The manager can still hit you while you’re doing that, of course.

Tormented Souls Ultimate Boss 2

real bleeding heart

You can use whatever you want to hurt the tendrils. The crowbar takes it out in about six strokes, so you may want to use the electric winch, which only needs one charge to bring it down. Once they’re out of the way, all you have to do is interact with the console. This will show you three spinner wheels with holes in them. This is the hard part. You want to press the button on the console while one of the slots is next to the rod that expands when the button is pressed.

You need to set the time carefully and it may take some practice to actually download it. If you’re a little further away, you’ll miss it and the tendrils will wrap around the console again, requiring you to repeat the same steps to get another crack at it. You will have to correct this three times in a row to successfully clear each one. In addition, there are three of them. If you’re having trouble with this part, it’s possible that you’re running out of supplies, but hopefully you won’t have nearly this problem. Once the third console is successfully activated, it will play a movie scene and the final boss of tormented souls will They die horribly. estate.

The ultimate leader of tormented souls 3

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