How to pre-register, APK file size, rewards, and more

Pre-registration for Free Fire Max: Free Fire Max, the enhanced version of Garena’s popular BR title, is now available for pre-registration. Pre-registration is live on the Google Play Store. For those unaware, Free Fire Max is an upgraded version of the original Free Fire game that will provide better graphics, effects, sound quality and enhanced features. Read also – Free Fire Redemption Codes August 29th: How to Win MP40 Weapon Loot Chest, Diamonds for Free

Currently, the beta version of the new game is available in select regions such as Malaysia, Bolivia, and Vietnam, both on Android and iOS platforms. Speaking of mods, the developers have introduced a new feature – Firelink technology, which will allow interoperability between both Free Fire and Free Fire Max. Other changes include – 360° Lobby and Craftland. However, here is a simple guide on how to pre-register for Free Fire Max and the rewards players can get when signing up. Read also – Free Fire Redemption Codes August 27: How to Win the M1014 Underground Howl Loot Chest Free Fire Dance

Free Fire Max: How to pre-register, APK file size, rewards and more

Pre-registration Read also – Free Fire rewards for August 26th: How to get free Thrash Goth Loot Box and Metallic Gloo Wall skin

Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

– Type free fire Max in the search tab.

– Once the game appears on the screen, tap on it and it will lead you to the next page.

– You will find the pre-registration button, tap on it.

-Once this is done, you can choose to get a notification when the stable build reaches the server.

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Upon successful registration, players will get a Cyber ​​MAX Loot Box. According to the Google Play Store listing, here are the terms mentioned by Garena.

The pre-registration bonus offer is only valid for users who pre-registered on Google Play during the pre-registration period. Limit one pre-registration bonus per account. The pre-registration bonus is delivered upon game installation. Valid in participating countries only. Offer not valid in countries that do not Where the game is distributed by the developer or where it is already available for installation Offer is not valid through third party websites Age restrictions apply To receive the pre-registration bonus you must be logged into the Play Store with the same Google account you used to pre-register the game when you opened the game game for the first time.

APK file Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max APK file size is 1.03 GB, according to Sportskeeda. The port revealed that on the Free Fire Max Google Play Store page, the APK download file size is visible on some devices. Reports say it won’t be pay-to-win but fair for all games.

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