Bloodborne-esque Thymesia’s winter release date has been revealed

Earlier this year, publisher Team17 and developer OverBorder Studio . revealed their next projectAnd thyme, to the public. The gameplay that has emerged up to this point has drawn a lot of comparisons with the celebrity Evil spirits games, as well blood borne, but it distinguished itself by its faster and more exhilarating combat. Although she wears her inspiration on her sleeve, thyme Sounds like a solid and real game in itself. Both lovers blood borne And those who have never touched a souls game before you might find this interesting. Fortunately, both Team17 and OverBorder Studio have revealed the December 7th release date for thyme, so that players can get the game soon.

In conjunction with this announcement, Team17 has released a new trailer for excited fans to enjoy. This trailer mostly depicts the action as it will appear in the game, rather than making extensive use of dynamic camera angles as the first trailer did. The atmosphere and combat seem as powerfully executed as ever, and they make for a game that seems to offer a great deal of intrigue and challenge.

Fighting a sick world

according to Steam . pageAnd thyme It takes place in a “kingdom that once flourished with the power of alchemy” that “enters the age of catastrophe”. Monsters begin to sweep through the streets, and only a mysterious alchemist by the name of “Corvus” can stop them enough. Unfortunately for Corvus, he suffers from amnesia, so he must recover his memories if he wants any chance of understanding, and ultimately defeating, the threat he faces. By acquiring certain items and making specific choices, players shape the way the ending will play out.

All components are in place for thyme To stand out as a great action game, fans’ excitement over the title will likely swell now that the release date has been announced. PC gamers can check out the game exclusively on Steam this winter.

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