Oculus Quest 2 is back on sale in Australia, and it’s cheaper too

Facebook social networking site pulled The Oculus Quest 2 went on sale last month to address complaints about adverse skin reactions with the VR headset. When you wear a hunk of technology on your face for extended periods of time, it won’t be so cool when it makes you itch. The issue apparently only affected 0.01% of users (according to Oculus) but it has prompted the company to release new silicone covers for free to any existing Quest owners who want one.

Anyway, the voluntary recall has ended and the Oculus Quest 2 is once again available on Amazon Australia. Not only that, but it’s an even better deal: the entry level price AUD 479 You will now get 128GB of storage, while previously you only got 64GB. This might be annoying for people with a 64GB model, but if you’ve been waiting to get a headset Now is the time.

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