Astral Aberration Positions (Week 1) – Tracking the Stars I

“Tracking the Stars” is a series of missions that you will receive Destiny 2: The Lost Season After completion of the first star alignment activity in the blind well. It entails a search for contraceptives to help locate Techeun, a lieutenant in Tech Witch from Mara Sov. You will need to locate five of them to finish the target. here we have Destiny 2: The Lost Season A guide to help you find week 1 astral aberration locations for “tracking 1 stars.”

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Destiny 2: The Lost Season – Track first stars and stellar aberration positions for the first week

stellar aberrations for week 1 of Destiny 2: The Lost Season They are found in the Divalian and Spine of Keres fog areas. You’ll see a diamond-shaped icon as soon as you get a little closer to where it is.

The sinking of the Gulf of Al Kouf

Just head inside the lost Bay of Drilled Wishes sector while patrolling (no need to start a legendary activity). Stay to the right and you’ll see it when the path slopes up.

Season 2 of The Lost Tracing The Stars I Astral Skew Locations Week 1

Divalian-Cimmerian Trail (Central Cave)

This is actually a small cave under the area where the entrance to the blind well is located.

Season 2 of The Lost Tracing The Stars I Astral Skew Locations Week 1

Divalian-Rheasilva Trail (Lower Slope)

Head to the direction of the Rheasilva district. Before you reach the transition area with the caves, look down the slope on your left. You’ll see stellar aberration here.

Season 2 of The Lost Tracing The Stars I Astral Skew Locations Week 1 3

Oracle Orere Spine

Make your way to Chris’s spine. Specifically, you’ll want to head inside the large building where I often made offers to connect with Mara Sov. The stellar aberration is located at the top of the stairwell.

D2seaslst Astrsk W1 1

far backbone island tree

Exit the boardwalk building and loop around it while following the path and bridges. Eventually you will see small protrusions from the ground. This spot is actually the area where I grew up when I first arrived in Dreaming City during forsakencampaign.

D2seaslst Astrsk W1 2

Coronation Hollow and Caliburn Gatehouse

When you’re done, open the manager and click on HELM. You will see an icon for a task called “Corning Hollow”. Click on it and it will appear in front of the portal.

Drive to the Caliburn Gatehouse. Interact with the device on the far left to complete the mission. Since there are four devices here, it looks like we’ll be looking at Astral Skews over the next few weeks.

Season 2 of The Lost Tracing The Stars I Astral Skew Locations Week 1 4


Finally, head back to HELM and interact with the Wayfinder Compass to receive the Vulpecula hand cannon. It contains the Stasis item, as well as the “Shoot to Loot” and “Harmony” perks.

This is complete Destiny 2: The Lost SeasonThe mission “Track the Stars 1”. Stay tuned next week to see if we have new activities.

D2seaslst Astrsk W1 3

Destiny 2: The Lost Season Available via steam.

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