Quake remaster brings back a clip from E2M6

When Quake was in development, the developers put in id a self-imposed limit of 1.4MB per .bsp file, meaning that no map could exceed the size of a single floppy disk file. To get the E2M6, the Dismal Oubliette, down to this size, its designer, John Romero, had to remove the area that was originally its entrance (although later Share it online).

As an earthquake expert Starship I noticed, recently released earthquake remaster This restores the lost entry to its proper place. Now, when you reach the Dismal Oubliette, you’re at the bottom of a damp, winding cavern and have to work your way up, past hellknights and other classic Quake tremors, to reach what was previously the beginning of the level.

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