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I’m not sure how Artisan Studio did it, but the western developer did it Astria Progressive With the help of some key people whose work should sound familiar. The most famous of these is Kazushige Nojima, who is best known for writing Final Fantasy VIIAnd eighthAnd X, A little bit of the Kingdom Hearts Games and more. The music was composed by another Japanese RPG heavyweight, and even the character designs were done by the man responsible for those in Yoke: automatic. I had to get an early look at the game, which is going to take off about a monthUnder its cover, it’s easy to see the effects.

Ascending Asc It is about eight deities who defend the world of Orcanon from destructive beings called Noises. Some of these creatures are noticed venturing into areas for the first time, so the cast sets out to find out the cause and stop the danger before it gets out of control. The main character is Ulan, captain of the demi goddess. The story is voiced entirely in Japanese and English, and features extensive scenes that focus on dialogue. Anyone looking for the same kind of story focus that they’ve seen in similar games should feel right at home here.

However, it is quite different from what you might expect. The game is completely 2D, although it does feature 4K artwork, so don’t expect the usual small install size. There are a lot of details to the characters and backgrounds, but it looks similar to mobile games, where the characters move in a more puppet style than the traditional cartoon style. In addition to combat, there are platforms and some puzzle solving to delve into, as well as side quests and even a game in the universe about flipping opponent’s tiles. I can’t help but think of Blitzball. Not because they are similar games, mind you, but just because there is such a thing at all.

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Show me your weakness

You can get four of the eight Demigods in battle at once. These four can also be swapped for others at any time, even if active members are eliminated. The gameplay is a typical turn-based affair with no active time mechanic. You can choose from the standard options to attack, guard, or use abilities or items. Astria Progressive He has a bit of sophistication on this, however. Each time you hit an enemy weakness, you receive focus points, which you can apply to one attack for a lot of extra damage. Likewise, your party members are also vulnerable to weaknesses, which can give the attacking team focus points as well.

The combat is fun and fast, plus each character unlocks skill points with the start of the game. They all have their own skill trees, which will allow you to increase their stats and teach them new abilities. Astria Progressive It is built a lot around traveling to different cities and delving into dungeons to fight noise. The only thing worth noting is that the game’s movement speed is very high in full force, which surprised me. You’re also supposed to be able to hit the noise in the field for a preemptive strike, but I’ve never been able to get close enough to do that, as the battle will start before I can hit the enemies with a sword strike.

Astria Progressive It is a colorful game with a developed world and a story that looks very promising. It’s definitely exciting to have another Nojima written story on our hands, so we’ll have to see how the game turns out when it’s released next month.

Preview of Astria Ascend 3

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