Doom Eternal gets Horde mode, Battlemode fix, and more

It’s been a year since then eternal torment The game has already received two separate DLCs for the story. However, developer ID Software and publisher Bethesda appear to be far from finished with the game. During the QuakeCon 2021 panel, Senior Community Manager Joshua Boyle, Program Executive Producer Marty Stratton, and Game Director Hugo Martin spoke about the game. They also showed some new updates for eternal torment, which brings Horde mode, two other main levels, and an overhaul for Battlemode.

The next update, appropriately numbered 6.66, brings new content in practically every corner of the game. A new Horde mode will be added, which is exactly what it looks like. The assassins will fight wave after wave of demons to achieve the highest score possible. At higher levels, some demons will be marked as high priority targets, and you will get additional points based on how quickly they are slain. The better you do in Horde Mode, the more challenges and other content you’ll unlock.

Great time to start shredding and/or shredding

Overhaul coming to Battlemode, the PvP component in eternal torment. It will now include a “player matchmaking system that takes winning steps into account”. In other words, you will be matched with players of your skill level more often. The overhaul will also include “other improvements,” but Bethesda did not say what those improvements might be. Finally, a new Battlemode arena called Stronghold will also be added.

You can check out everything the update brings on the official page. It also details two new main levels, called World Spear and Mars Core. If you haven’t tried eternal torment So far, we highly recommend that you do so. It was our Andrew Farrell Great thingTo say about it, I agree with him.

Doom Eternal 6.66 update doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming “soon”.

Doom Eternal Update 66.6

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