After nearly a decade of closure, 38 Curt Shilling studios are finally sending employees the money they owe them

Nine years after Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Developer 38 Studios informally closed, some of the 400 employees who were finally laid off are receiving a portion of their final salaries…kind of.

Bloomberg Former baseball player Kurt Schilling’s company is reported to be paying “a lot” of its former employees about 14% or 20% of the amount owed to each employee, respectively, according to bankruptcy filings. When it closed 38 studios and declared bankruptcy in 2012, it failed to pay its 400 employees before the studio ran out of money and closed in May of that year. After four years of closing, 38 studios reached a financial settlement in court with the state of Rhode Island, which loaned $75 million to Schilling (which aims to support studio projects for several years) through the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation.

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