Kazuma Kiryu transforms from Yakuza into Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

Earlier this month, Sega revealed that classic characters like Sonic, Tails, and Beat from Jet Set Radio I will join Cast monkeys to play in the future Super Monkey Banana Ball Mania. While these characters won’t change gameplay in any significant way, they nevertheless serve as fun nods to Sega’s vast history. But as it turns out, Sega didn’t stop once Sonic, Tails, and Beat were added to the game. The company announced that Kazuma Kiryu, the main protagonist of yakuza Series will join Super Monkey Banana Ball Mania like that.

Just like with Beat, Kiryu has a new chibi look so she doesn’t look out of place in Super Monkey Ball Globalism. In his new trailer, Kiryu is steadily rolling through the classics Super Monkey Ball stages with yakuza kioyami Remix “Funk Goes On”, the main battle theme of the first yakuza Game, playing in the background. sincerely yakuza Fans will notice that instead of collecting bananas, Kiryu collects bottles of Staminan X, referring to yakuza Series.

The importance of this intersection

For a long time, Sega seemed hesitant to mention yakuza A series despite its usual eagerness to point out even the most obscure Sega IPs in its games. until the Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Duology, which has extensively explored the deepest parts of Sega history, lacks even a passing mention yakuza. But this is now yakuza Growing exponentially more popular in the West, it seems Sega is finally feeling more comfortable representing the series in its latest game. Add Kiryu in . format Super Monkey Banana Ball Mania It seems to be proof of that, which is very lucky yakuza Fans, especially those who have stuck with the series since its inception on PS2.

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