Valheim Hearth & Home’s latest spotlight video goes beyond the veil of amazing changes

Walheim Developer Iron Gate AB has released another video, very brief, to highlight the upcoming Hearth & Home update. Last week, the developer provided a glimpse of some new ideas for the game. Cover health, food and stamina, first video He explained that Iron Gate aims to offer players more options based on their personal playing style. lately fireplace and home video, the Walheim The team delves into the upcoming changes to blocking and staggering, and how health will affect both.

In the last video, Iron Gate talked about how to serve food to different amounts of health or stamina. Some will give you more health points on stamina, and vice versa. Today, the video pretty much touches on how important your food choices are when it comes to fighting. At Hearth & Home, the power of blocking will be tied to your health. In other words, the more points a food item gives you in health, the more blocking power you have. The option the developer is suggesting with this change is that if you want to get rid of some of the damage, you will need to eliminate some foods that give you a lot of health points. Or, if you’re planning to go to a complete berserk without blocking, you better boost this stamina gauge.

Feeling a little dazed right now

Hearth & Home will add a gradient bar that will float next to your character. They are usually invisible, but they pop up the moment a monster lands on a swing. It builds up the longer you block, and you’ll swing the moment the bar is full. When watching the video, exposure seems to increase your weighting bar a bit more than direct blocking. But if you have a shield, you do much less damage. Eating also affects the ataxia bar: the healthier you are, the more protected you are from ataxia.

The video wraps up very quickly in just under a minute. Don’t dive too deeply into shields and bans. Nope, that person is saved for the next highlight video. Considering the last two appeared on Monday, I feel it’s safe to assume that we’ll take a better look at the existing armor Walheim – Hearth & Home on August 23. The update will start before the end of September, according to the developer.

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