Jack-O’ is the next DLC for Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Jahed It has been working very well since its release earlier in the year. She broke records for the number of players online, partially helped her Net wonderful undo code. A few weeks ago, the first DLC character arrived in the game, known as Goldlois Dickinson. Goldlewis started as a character that appeared in the game’s story mode and has now moved on to become a fully playable character. This trend should continue with the game’s next character DLC. Except this time, she’s a fan favorite character. Jack-O’ is coming to Guilty Gear JahedAnd there’s a new trailer featuring them.

traditions Guilty Equipment Quite broad and complex. almost made Kingdom Hearts Seems understandable (almost). But for starters, Jack-O is an artificial life form fusing with the consciousness of Sol Badguy’s deceased wife, Aria. If this sounds weird and confusing, you’re welcome Guilty Equipment. Jack-O’ is a character you either love or hate, because she was incredibly strong in Guilty Gear Xrd A series where she made her first playable appearance.

Jack-O’ is what is known as a “summon character” in fighting games. Similar to characters like Gargos from killer instinct, fills the screen with minions or other objects and uses them in the way she plays. in a Guilty Gear XrdJack-O summons the houses in the field from which her minions come out. These minions attack the opponent from different angles and interrupt their attacks as well. Jack-O’ also gains a super meter when standing next to these houses. This exotic tower defense gameplay was inspired by Guilty Gear Introduction wIt is a strange episodic strategy and not very good in real time from the main series.

If you think Jack-O’ ban in Guilty Gear Xrd it was hard…

Jack-O’ was an incredibly strong character in Guilty Gear Xrd, a series with a lot of air travel, more speed, and more complex combinations. However it makes sense that in a game like Guilty Gear Jahed, which is slower and more grounded, Jack-O’ can still be incredibly powerful. It will be available on Friday, August 27th if you own the season pass. It will then be available for individual purchase on Monday, August 30. Along with Jack-O’ will be a new color pack for some characters.

Guilty Gear Jahed available Now on Steam. Arc System Works has also confirmed that cross-play functionality is under development for the game. However, the feature’s availability date is still unknown at this time.

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