Intel unveils ARC gaming brand with graphics cards coming in early 2022

After years of leaks, teasers, and rumors, we finally have some official details about Intel’s Xe discrete graphics cards. Intel officially revealed its new ARC brand and even showed off some popular games running on one of the pre-production graphics cards.

The new ARC brand, formerly DG2, was supposed to be the official name for Intel graphics cards, possibly similar to the way “Core” represents their CPUs. More importantly, Intel has also confirmed when we can expect ARC products to hit shelves. The current plan is slated to launch sometime during the first quarter of 2022, which means the end of March at the latest.

Given the current market situation, Intel may not slow down either, as any products with decent competitive performance for Nvidia or AMD graphics cards are sure to sell as long as they are on the shelves. Intel ARC products will be available for laptops, Small size computersand desktop variables. Expect ARC product variants to be available from global partners as well. We assume that major AIBs will have similar offerings to some of the current popular designs of Nvidia and AMD products.

This is only the beginning

In addition to launching the ARC brand, Intel has also made it clear that there are four planned generations of graphics cards in the works. The DG2 codename applies in particular to the first generations mentioned, codenamed “Alchemist,” a cooler sounding according to Intel. The Alchemist will follow the Battlemage, Celestial, and Druid generations. The company did not provide any additional details or timeframes, but it is a good sign of confidence in the years ahead.

The Alchemist Specifications for Intel Arc Game Cards

So what about those games? Intel tested samples from 10 different popular games along with a range of display features that include advanced effects such as AI Accelerated Super Sampling, AI Accelerated 4K Upscaling (possibly similar to DLSS/FSR), network shaders, variable rate shaders, real-time ray tracing, And more. Intel ARC will also feature full DirectX 12 Ultimate support. Today’s show was just an Intel-sponsored demo, but it once again shows a strong sign of confidence and commitment to matching its competitors.

We still don’t know what the official hardware specs of the Alchemist group will offer, but you can check out our coverage About previous leaks To learn more. We also suggest heading to see gameplay screenshots for ARC Intel site, which is currently the only place you can strangely watch videos.

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