DLC for Virtuous Cycle will be available for free for five days

At the end of last month, Cold Symmetry revealed to developers that the upcoming expansion, The Virtuous Cycle for fatal shell will save Roguelike Experience For players who really want to test their strength. The studio also revealed the expansion’s August 18 release date, which came as exciting news for gamers eager to try out the new content as soon as possible. With the expansion released in just a few days, Cold Symmetry has given fans one final surprise. From August 18 to August 23, players can get Deadly Shell: Virtuous Cycle Free shipping.

According to Cold Symmetry, the studio will be offering this special deal to celebrate the first anniversary fatal shell. Deal will apply “For all platforms available,” so players with an account on Steam, Epic Games Store or GOG can take advantage of it. After the sale ends, players will have to buy virtuous course Its standard price is $7.99.

What will the DLC contain?

Players who choose to participate in this promotion will get a great deal of new content without paying a cent for any of it. The expansion allows players to discover over 100 new abilities as they replay and progress through the new roguelike mode. Additionally, players will also have access to a playable fifth shell in the form of Hadern as well as the new Axkatana weapon, both of which should add quite a bit of gameplay variety to the game.

Cold Symmetry is sure to be very generous to its fans by offering it Deadly Shell: Virtuous Cycle It’s free, and loyal fans of the core game will likely jump at the chance. But even for those who have not played fatal shellThis deal can be a great opportunity to get into both the base game and the downloadable content to see if the experiences appeal to them.

Deadly Shell Battle Virtuous Free Course

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