Boyfriend Dungeon will be updated with a “more accurate” content warning about stalking

dungeon boyfriend It’s all about dating and crawling into dungeons with swords…and they’re people too. It was a surprise release on August 11, and despite its foolish premise on the surface, its story explores some sensitive topics, as Rachel noted in her preview: “Dating for many women and queer folk in general is, unfortunately, a huge risk, meeting in public, Having a friend on hand, checking the place are just some of the Several safety tips have been used When meeting dates for the first time. For the game about hugging sharp weapons, Nice to see Boyfriend Dungeon admit it. “

Upon launching the game, there is currently a warning about the content that reads: “This game may include references to unwanted developments, stalking, and other forms of emotional manipulation. Play with caution.” On Friday, some gamers took to Twitter to complain that this content warning was insufficient. These elements are an integral and ongoing part of the game’s main story, rather than passing or background references.

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