Naraka: Bladepoint is pretty fun once you escape from the Purgatory Bot

when my Naraka: Bladepoint It was still playtime inside steamEasy 2 hour refund window, I wasn’t enjoying it. Battle Royale is a great idea, but I was disappointed with the execution from Hangzhou-based studio 24 Entertainment. Progress and monetization systems seem to take a lot of work to disassemble, English localization is inaccurate, First match against robots Who act more like dust particles that are picked up in air currents than players. It looked really bad.

A few more hours and a heartbreaking second place later, however, my favorite character and I had a greater understanding. For Traveling Monk Tianhai, that was a cultivation reward class in one of the Reckless Progression Systems. For me, the understanding was that Naraka: Bladepoint is a very good video game.

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