New Battlefield 2042 images and Playtest leaks abroad and around

It’s a good day to be battlefield admirer. 2042 is currently in its first test run – designed to stress servers and other functionality rather than a full closed beta that will arrive later this year.

So, there are people playing the game, and that means there are a lot of new photos and videos leaking from various sources via Twitter. We won’t share any direct links to the leaks here (they will likely be removed soon), but we will include a link to some of the new 2042 images.

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However, the first glimpses of the gameplay show that 2042 is very fast paced in terms of movement. Players are sliding and jumping all over the place, not unlike in Warzone, but the smoothness of the animation really looks like it’s outpacing its biggest competitor.

The action feels quite similar to Battlefield Hardline (if you remember that title), although the pace of gameplay moves a lot like Battlefield V. It looks like Battlefield 2042 will be a mixture of several Battlefield games, all bundled together.

Along with all the playback test leaks, the Exodus short was also released on YouTube today. This gives us a great sense of the setting of 2042, which apparently happened after the events of BF4. Battlefield 4’s “Irish” return, which is the biggest hint of any of this, also shows that Battlefield 2042 was designed as a return to the style and mechanics of Battlefield 4.

The Irishman will be a playable Specialist in 2042, with a fortification system that’s probably like the stuff in V. You can put on a deployable cover and Shootdown Sentinel – some kind of guard pistol, I guess. He also has the “Veteran” trait, but it’s not clear what that actually means just yet.

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The graphics look quite poor, but as several commentators have pointed out, this is a rough test, designed to focus on servers and performance planning under load from actual gamers in a live environment. New screenshots give us a better idea of ​​the quality of Battlefield’s graphics.

Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22nd. There will be a closed beta to pre-order before the game goes live, and playback tests are up for the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled for more leaks (if you like) and catch up on the latest news via HappyGamer and Twitter.

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