Beyond Bandlewood trailer highlights Legends of Runeterra’s final region

Today, Legends of Runeterra Fans got something they had been waiting for for a long time. It has been known for a while that after the newest area, Shurima, we will get another one for the game. That doesn’t mean support for the game will end – it’s a far cry from that, in fact. But in terms of new areas, this next one is the last. The new Beyond the Bandlewood trailer dropped today gives a first look at this new area, the home of the Yordles.

The trailer begins with a very distinctive art style that reminds us of something you see on a Disney show. It could be something like Adventures of Gummi Bears or even the Smurfs. The art style represents Yordles, the group of small, furry creatures to which Teemo belongs, perfectly. A young Yordle named Ava is sent by Teemo to collect supplies for the Bandlewood Festival. This leads the young Bandle Scout on the guest to find what she needs, but to no avail. After finding a magical folder he sends her to a location much more familiar to fans Legends of RuneterraA stranger helps her reach her next destination.

As mentioned before, although this is the last area to come Legends of RuneterraThere are still more expansions and heroes in the game. Beyond Bandlewood itself will feature 126 all-new cards, as well as nine new heroes. We can see some of them briefly in the new trailer. There will also be new multi-zone cards, which sounds exciting for the new deck building possibilities.

cute and killer

There will also be, of course, new Key words The mechanics of many of these cards are new. We don’t yet know what these new keywords are, but they are said to be centered around Bandel’s ethos of whimsy and discovery. As mentioned in the description below the Beyond the Bandlewood trailer, the set will be releasing soon on August 25th. There will be more animated shorts featuring Ava before then, to illustrate the backstory of the group.

Card previews for her I started today It will continue until the specified version. Teemo, Fizz, Lulu, and Heimerdinger all received new art and are now multi-zone cards. The first new card in the deck is The Bandle Tree, which is sure to be great in many memes collections. In the meantime, you can download Legends of Runeterra Immediately Free to be ready.

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