Loop Hero arrives on Nintendo Switch later this year

Loop Hero is one of the best indie games of 2021. Since March 2021, it has It has received tens of thousands of positive reviews on Steam It maintains a relatively constant player number. This saw an increase after the last update in June, which introduced some new tiles and monsters to the game.

All this success led to something very cool: the Loop Hero nintendo Switching in fall 2021. Nintendo’s handheld console is pretty much the perfect way to play a game like Loop Hero. Complete portability, the kind of game you can duck and dive into in short bursts, or sit and play for hours while waiting for the train.

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Loop Hero is developed by a small Russian team four quarters, and published by Devolver Digital (which recently caught fire with a series of hit games from smaller, little-known studios.) Loop Hero appeared pretty much out of nowhere, with little fanfare, but quickly catapulted to the top steam Graphs. It is still one of the most popular games on the platform this year.

For those who haven’t played before, Loop Hero is a light-hearted rogue game. You orbit around and your hero, laying tiles around a specific path. These squares have an effect on the game world, such as spawning monsters, or interacting with each other to provide your character with power-downs and buffs.

As you advance in each level, you defeat the bosses. Defeating the bosses unlocks the next chapter. As you work for boss fights, you also collect materials to help build your camp. New buildings offer different tiles as you slowly build an arsenal of possible strategies for the three classes currently available in the game: Rogue, Warrior, and Necromancer.

Despite its apparent simplicity, Loop Hero is actually a very complex strategy game. Knowing which cards to place and when is very important. The last level, Chapter 4, requires you to face all the bosses at once. It took me several hours to get over it.

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But more than anything else, Loop Hero is aesthetically pleasing. With nothing complicated or fancy, the graphics should be easy to transfer to the Nintendo Switch, and with it The soundtrack is one of the best music of the yearYou will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest, even on the small screen.

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