Lightyear Frontier trailer reveals quiet farming on a distant planet

Developer Frame Break Games has just revealed its new open-world farming exploration game, light year border. The game looks like a combination of Stardu Valley And No Man’s Sky. Blends crafting, resource management, and base building. revealing of light year border Made during ID @ Xbox Showcase on Twitch.

light year border Building your home will make you away from home, but you won’t have to do it alone. The exploration and farming sim also includes a co-op option where you can have up to four players working together to survive and thrive.

Digging puzzles

Even if you decide to do it on your own, you will not be without help. You have a reliable scanner called PIP-3R which will provide you a lot of useful tips. As you progress, you will also need to upgrade your trusted mechanism. This will allow you to explore previously inaccessible environments and collect new resources, such as rare plants. But exploration in light year border It’s not just about collecting resources to improve your farm.

It will also reveal the mysteries underlying the game’s story. Like an encrypted message that was waiting to be heard for eons. You will be treated to a cosmic country soundtrack all the time. This sounds like a space explorer dream theme tune.

strange planet in light year border It can be transformed and shaped to fit your vision, just get in touch with nature. The elements can be unforgiving because the weather is constantly changing between the four distinct seasons. And the local wildlife may not adapt to your presence. So, you’ll probably consider putting in one or two walls. You are exploring new frontiers after all. You know what they say, “Safety first, then teamwork.”

No release date light year border after and all the Steam . page It reveals that it will be launched for the first time in Early Access. At the moment, you can put a list of the game on Steam.

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