Lost Riches 2.0 – Day 2 Challenge Guide

The Lost Riches 2.0 event in Jinshin effect She entered her second day. This means two additional locations where we can search for iron coins, as well as a chance to complete the challenge. here we have Jinshin effect Lost Riches 2.0 guide to help you with the locations of Day Two and the Unlockable Challenge.

NB: For more information about the game, check out our website Jinshin effect Axle guides and features, as well Overview To update version 2.0. You can also take a look at our website main guide for the Lost Riches 2.0 event.

Jinshin effect: Lost Riches 2.0 – Day 2 locations and unlockable challenge guide

Arumi and Fort Fujito

for the second day of Jinshin effectLost Riches 2.0 event, we will visit Araumi followed by Fort Fujitou. There are 60 iron coins to be found in the area south of Araumi (near the Relay Stone puzzle). As usual, just listen for treasure hunt beeps while turning down the volumes of music and dialogue.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches 2.0 Event Guide Day Two Challenge 1

Once you’ve found all 60 Araumi coins, head to the area north of the Fort Fujitou fast travel point. Most of the drilling areas here are fairly close to the shore.

NB: If you have already picked up a file The first special treasure (which is located near the Arami Checkpoint with the Rangers of Destruction), you can ignore any clues on the map you get today. We won’t receive clues about the next special treasure until tomorrow.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches 2.0 Event Guide Day Two Challenge 2

As for the unlockable challenge, I’m not yet sure if it will be unlocked at the same time for everyone Jinshin effect players. In the previous iteration of the event, it was a bit random – some players unlocked the first challenge on day two, and others got the challenge on day three. However, everyone faced the same number of challenges by the time the event ended.

In my case, the challenge sign appeared near Fort Fujitou after collecting the last iron coin. You are against two elite Nobushi SamuraiI only had 60 seconds to defeat them. The reward she got was 5 times the IQ of the hero.

NB: The game will teach you that Lost Riches challenges can be done through cooperation as well. You can invite a friend if you haven’t completed your challenge yet. However, once you are done with that, this specific sign will disappear from your world. Furthermore, you can join other players’ worlds to help them complete their challenges (if they haven’t done theirs yet). You have a maximum of three chances to earn rewards from these entire challenges Jinshin effectLost Riches 2.0 event.

Update: If you are already on the third day of the Lost Riches 2.0 event, you can read the file next part From our guide that takes a look at two more areas, as well as special treasure site #2.

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