PUBG gets K-pop with Blackpink in-game items

Developer Krafton really embraced the South Korean side for it pubg this year. the Latest battle royale map, Taego, based on the autumnal landscape of the country. Last month, the South Korean football star Son Heung Min Besides Son-branded items, they have been added to the game. Now, Krafton has announced its collaboration with K-pop boy band Blackpink for a new line of in-game games pubg makeup.

Unlike Son’s collaboration, Blackpink’s stars won’t get their face in the battle royale. The faces shown in the ad ad were created for video only. Since you have a helmet covering your face almost all the time, faces aren’t really great cosmetic anyway.

pubg Blackpink Cosmetics

There is no list of items included in the Blackpink bundle, so we’ll need to scrape the trailer to try and see what good things we’re getting. There are obviously four unique costumes, one for each member of the squad. We hope you will be able to mix and match pieces to create multiple outfits. There seem to be three forms of weapons. The AK-47 is likely a two-tone, a very cool looking Beryl, and a branded SKS. There’s also a level 3 helmet in bold pink, three different cosmetic bag cases, and a Blackpink frying pan.

The trailer also suggests that the banner flapping behind the plane will change for the duration of the collaboration event. The realistic sign announces that Blackpink is in the building. Players will also be able to show their love for the squad while descending from the plane with Blackpink parachutes.

It wouldn’t be K-pop without dancing. We anticipate that the dance performed by the band in the trailer will also be added to the game as an expression. Perhaps you will also be able to listen to an excerpt from his latest single, Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, while expressing feelings.

Do not forget pubg She also currently has a new Zombie Survival mode Available at PUBG Labs.

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