Datamined podcaster clip breathes new life into Halo Infinite

infinite aura Battle royale discussions are escalating once again after data factors apparently revealed an audio clip hidden inside technical preview files. The clip, shared by Online Forum Resetera, it is very clear that it consists of HelloLegendary multiplayer broadcaster, Jeff Stetzer, saying “Battle Royale”.

But what does this mean? Well, most of the time Hello Games, Steitzer is the voice of a multiplayer broadcaster that is invisible and present everywhere. Every time you hear “double kill!” or “The flag has been dropped! Reporting Taken! The flag has been dropped,” that’s Steitzer’s voice echoing through your head. But mid-game ads aren’t all Steitzer has to offer; Also shout out the name of the type of game you’re playing. Looking at the data factors, I spotted an audio clip of it saying “Battle Royale”, which could mean it’s under consideration after all at developer 343 Industries.

However, this is not necessarily a guarantee. The developer could only request the audio clip if the situation was considered. Nor is it an exaggeration to think that 343 may have been toying with the idea at some point, only to reverse course to focus solely on the multiplayer style.

Halo Infinite Battle Royale clip announcer

“Take the lead”

In 2019, 343 clarified his stance on the famous battle royale mode. infinite aura It won’t have a battle royale mode, according to Frank O’Connor, director of the creative franchise for Hello. in 2019, Reply to a thread discussion infinite aura Battle Royale rumor on the Resetera forum.

“We’re not doing this yet – nor are we planning to – but Battle Royale can be made for anyone Hello games in MCC or 5 With some additions content and programming, to put it,” he wrote.

However, this was in 2019, which seemed like a decade ago at this point. The presence of the audio line, which you can hear below, is likely due to two possibilities. The first is that Battle Royale was at some point on the development board for Hello InfiniteNS. For the second, though, 343 may have changed his mind in the two years between then and now, and we can see the situation come into play.

It makes sense that the 343 would keep the audio line in its back pocket, regardless. After all, the battle royale mode is what’s hot in the world of competitive multiplayer, and it could definitely be a boon for infinite aura. The franchise has historically been about arena-style shooter for the multiplayer segment. However, this situation is not nearly as common nowadays. even makers Call of duty He saw the writing on the wall, which eventually led to the creation of his own battle royal war zone. I think the battle royale mode in infinite aura It can work, and it can be a lot of fun. Imagine shorter matches on smaller maps, as you and a team of Spartans descend through Pelicans or ODST capsules. It looks kinda cool.

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