Why can it succeed. Why can it fail. And what might actually happen?

Two weeks ago, Valve stunned the gaming world when it announced Her new portable Steam Deck. There were rumors that it was running on a handheld system, but that doesn’t seem likely. However, at this point, should we really be surprised by anything Valve does? Until the release of Half life 3 It will now be seen as And therefore It’s unlikely that this will be the same thing Gabe set his team to do. Let’s take a look at Steam Deck, why it might work, why it might fail, and what could actually happen.

First, let’s talk about what makes Steam Deck look so promising.

Why Steam Deck can work

The obvious comparison to steam surface It is a Nintendo Switch. Say what you will about the lack of power in the Nintendo hybrid machine, but there’s no denying its success. The Switch has sold out much more 80 million units It continues to top the system sales charts. With only a handheld version of the system available, yet no version that requires a TV connection, there is no doubt that there is a huge market for portable gaming systems. Valve clearly wants to take advantage of this market.

While the Steam Deck is more expensive than the Switch (largely in the higher storage options), the Steam Deck is still priced very high. In terms of graphical power, it is probably better compared to the Xbox Series S; The cheapest version of Steam Deck is only $100 more expensive than the console. With Microsoft poised to take a hit on every Xbox sold (as the company is more interested in getting people into the Xbox ecosystem), this could mean Valve, too, could earn a little more from every Steam Deck sold.

So, at a competitive price and following the popular gaming trend, Steam Deck really stands out. That’s not all the system does. First of all, this is a Valve product, so the actual hardware will be well designed and manufactured. Whether it’s a result of working on products for so long before release, or because it’s releasing fewer but better products, anything bearing the Valve seal tends to be a great piece of kit. Secondly, this is a great entry point for console players to get into the PC system. The updated version of SteamOS will feel very familiar to PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox owners, making it even more accessible.

Steam Deck really has great potential for success. It would undoubtedly be a great piece of hardware. Its price is very strong. It’s clear that there’s a general interest in gaming on the go with the success of the Switch, as well as just how huge gaming is in the mobile market. Steam Deck can easily achieve huge success and introduce a lot of console players to the PC system.

Steam surface pass or fail 1

Why Steam Deck Might Fail

There’s no denying that the team at Valve is pretty good at what they create. Back when he used to make games often, seeing the name valve In the game box guarantees a certain level of quality. As the company has moved away from making games and creating assistive devices and systems, the level of quality has remained. However, the level of success did not. The only exception to this is of course the Steam store, but that’s what funds everything else. The Steam Machine concept was a great idea, but it never really took off the way Valve had hoped. Part of that concept was the Steam console, which, despite being a large group, didn’t have the success it deserved.

Recently, we saw a file Valve Index VR . Virtual Reality Glasses. Once again, this is an amazing group that never reaches the heights they need to be. At around $1000 per unit, the indicator has managed to corner a small share From the market in late 2019. I can’t help but think Steam Deck could end up just like these previous projects.

Although Steam Deck is aggressively priced, it is not a cheap piece of hardware. The entry model may only be $399, but the 512GB model of choice is $649. As something primarily intended to lure console gamers into the PC space, this is a tough price point. At $150 more than the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, many console owners aren’t likely to be convinced. It’s not as though console owners will have a large Steam library of games waiting for them to play on the device. This makes it a better deal for people who primarily play on PC. However, with everyone still trying to pick out new graphics cards after shortages, this is not the ideal time to market a new system to them.

And speaking of imperfection, you can pretty much guarantee that all but a handful of lucky customers won’t be able to get a Steam Deck anywhere near at all. There is a real worldwide shortage of microchips right now. Anyone looking to get hold of any of the new GeForce graphics cards, or even a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, will tell you how significant the shortage is. Valve couldn’t keep up with the demand for the Index VR headset, and there was no global shortage of components at the time. We’d be surprised if the Steam Deck offering reached anywhere near the demand.

Unfortunately, as much as Valve is into creating things, the company is rarely able to translate that into huge success when it comes to hardware. I can’t help but think that Steam Deck will become something as intriguing as Steam Controller or Steam Machine.

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Where will Steam Deck actually land

While we’d love to see Steam Deck succeed and become a huge hit, it’s hard to see it achieve that. However, there is a possibility that this will be successful as it appears that pre-orders are starting to appear. It would be interesting to see how many pre-orders lead to sales. With a pre-order of only $5, this would have encouraged a lot of people to add their name to the list. It might be a little different when it comes to paying the remaining hundreds of dollars to fulfill your purchase. However, the biggest issue is likely to be the display. There is still a shortage of chips all over the world, and Valve isn’t known to provide a lot of inventory anyway.

We can’t help but wonder if Steam Deck is more of a case of Valve suggesting other manufacturers what they should do to advance the PC market. Unlike the Nintendo Switch, it would be very easy for another manufacturer to copy the idea of ​​Steam Deck and come up with their laptops. While Steam Deck’s technology and design is great, any copyright claims with a slightly different design can easily be avoided. If companies like Dell, HP, and a host of other manufacturers see Steam Deck become a success, you can bet they’ll build their laptops pretty quickly. This means that even if Steam Deck is successful, it probably won’t end up being a runaway success for Valve as they will end up sharing any success with others.

As an interesting and even intriguing concept, there are quite a few of us here at PC Invasion who are interested in choosing one. We obviously hope it works, because getting more players into the PC platform is always a good thing. Only time will tell where the system will land. It might end up filling in as the legendary Switch Pro that many gamers were hoping to get or faltered in like the Ouya console (for those who remember it). Guess, we just have to wait and see.

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