Ascent has some confusing issues with DLSS on Game Pass

Boarding It was launched this week, offering players another cyberpunk themed adventure to get lost in I reviewed it And we found the game great, although there were some small technical issues, or so we thought. It appears that the version of Game Pass Microsoft Store from Boarding It does not have DLSS, while those who own the game on Steam can access the frame rate boost feature.

This issue became apparent when our EIC camera decided to check out the game after I insisted that everyone with a Game Pass should try the game. While the Steam review version ran just fine on the RTX 3060 at 4K, the frames were noticeably more consistent with DLSS enabled. People with graphics cards that support the feature are more likely to use it whenever it’s available in the game. As such, Cam soon discovered that the Game Pass version of The Ascent had DLSS completely disabled for some reason.

To make things even weirder, the Steam version He has a choice for DLSS Ultra Quality, which Nvidia hasn’t officially announced yet.


you look like Boarding Featuring RTX ray tracing, DLSS is a pretty much necessary feature for those who want to use these features. Ray tracing leads to tremendous performance, no matter the game. Unless you have a savage graphics card or don’t mind playing at low resolutions, ray tracing in the Game Pass edition of Boarding Pretty much out of the question.

The latest update to the Game Pass version of The Ascent has completely removed DLSS from the game. This is obviously to avoid confusion, although anyone who has heard of the initial DLSS announcement or read the initial reviews and seen its mention would surely be confused by now. Unfortunately, the developers have still not commented on the situation. We’ll update this article if anything changes, but the Steam version of the game is at least fine.

Dlss Greyed Out Passing Game

. Settings menu Boarding It also appears in the Game Pass edition.

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