Cuccchi – Is This Digital Art Gallery Worth It Or Should It Be Google Boards?

I played a lot of games based on Other things in my day. Movie-based games. Games based on comics. Games based on soft drinks and fried corn pieces topped with cheese. But kochi It’s probably my first time playing a game based on the work of an artist. In the title, I describe it as a digital art gallery, which is fairly accurate. But it is more than just a game. It could be completed in half an hour and didn’t have much to inspire repetitive gameplay, but I still couldn’t change the way the game felt.

As for how kochi Inspired by Cucchi art, nearly everything you see in the game is a heavily pixelated digital version of something featured in one of the artist’s paintings. The game is full of character and atmosphere. Whether you’re walking through a misty maze dotted with dead trees, or struggling to find your bearings in a sea of ​​scraps of paper cut inside a green void, the game makes a huge impact. Enzo Cucchi’s boards have a lot of very specific stylistic touches that make them really memorable, and the game levels do an excellent job of moving aspects into a separate medium.

kochi Only seven levels, and they differ in length. Some can be completed in less than a minute. A couple can be straight shots from start to exit. Others have a mixture of exploration and labyrinth navigation. Each level has eyes to collect. For each eye you find, one of the Cucchi pieces will appear in the game gallery. But that’s not all you do. 2D giant skulls are patrolling the labyrinths of the game and can hurt you. You can get a hit for each eye you collected previously, but if you get hit without any eyes left, you have to start the level again.

Kochi is worth it 2

color and shape

Granted, the game is not difficult. Level 4 was the only time she had ever died. It was mostly because there were so many speedy skulls in the maze that it was often impossible to avoid them. Plus, I didn’t find any eyes before the start of that maze, which only made things much worse. The only other drawback to note is that it’s hard to find a way out at the seventh level. Getting your bearings at this level is tricky, since they’re so densely covered in random stuff in tight spots.

If you really want to locate all of kochiIn your eyes, you might get an hour or so out of the game altogether. But I see myself coming back to it just to re-experience some of the insanely unique vistas that the game offers. The opening level in which you fly through space while pausing to look around areas such as celestial bodies is a sight to behold. The game is simply a unique and interesting way to experience some totally weird and amazing artwork unlike anything you have seen before. That alone makes this show worth the price Access.

Kocchi worth it 3

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