Jinshin Effect Guide – How to Get the Hamayumi Bow

the Hakushin ringAnd Aminoma KaguchiAnd Cross Spear Kitin, And Katsuragiri Nagamasa. These are the 4-star crafted weapons we’ve found, so far, in Jinshin effectInazuma area. However, it was still missing: Hamayumi’s bow. For a while, players have been wondering how to get it. Well, it was finally discovered. Here is our guide to help you get the Hamayumi bow Jinshin effect.

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Jinshin effect Guide – How to Get a Hamayumi Bow

At first, I thought Hamayumi’s bow would be the last reward in Jinshin effectTatara Tales missions. After all, we’ve been revisiting Xavier’s site every day for the past week just to help him try it out. In fact, even Xavier, at the conclusion of the mission, said to give you an outline. Well, as it turns out, The last chapter of the mission He just gave us a stool chart (a hilarious, crazy joke if there was one).

So, what about the Hamayumi bow? It’s funny that actually part of your activities Related to Takashi and the mysterious shellfish. Before, there were reports of players getting it randomly (unverified). Now, though, we got confirmation from YouTuber Mtached You receive the weapon from one of Takashi’s chests. But, you will need to keep doing this process for a week. Get those mysterious snails and open one chest each day to reset until seven days have passed. On the last day, you should get the Hamayumi chart, as well as the “Thank you, come again!” hidden achievement.

Impact screenshot 2021.07.25

Compared to the other four-star weapons found in Inazuma, Hamayumi uses arrowheads (from hilichurl archers), posts (from the Mirror Maidens), and Narukami items (from Flowing sand field court Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday). It has an attack ratio in the form of a sub-statistic and a “full draw” feature. The feature increases normal and charged attack damage by 16% and 12%, respectively. When the character’s energy is at 100%, the buff also increases by 100% (ie 32% and 24%, respectively).

At a glance, the weapon seems to fit him johnny (Due to the charged attack bonus). It may also be applicable for Yoimiya, although it is not yet available via Wishes. Anyway, you can watch the video below from YouTuber Zexxceed to see the making of the gun:

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