The fifth update for Microsoft Flight Simulator arrives with major performance fixes

After weeks of excitement, the new Sim update V for . has been released Microsoft Flight Simulator It was finally rolled out on PC to coincide with the release of the Xbox Series version of the sim. This new update comes with a Boeing 747 size changelog, full of detail. Without a doubt, the biggest deal for most people is the promise of improved performance.

Asobo Show those performance gains Recently I attributed the improvements to better memory management, improved multi-core support for CPUs, and more efficient use of the GPU. The end result is not just an increase in frames, but a “significant reduction” of stutter and faster load times. The performance of the Microsoft Flight Simulator It was a recurring topic of annoyance with many gamers in the year it was on PC. The hope is that these concerns are finally addressed with this update, but the real test will come once enough people have downloaded it and tried it for themselves.

big and responsible

On this note, the download size is Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Sim Update V is 40.29 GB. This small update does not count for Microsoft Flight Simulator The client that must be downloaded in advance. But, as mentioned earlier, Sim Update V offers more than just a performance boost. Players can now also enjoy small graphical improvements, new aircraft parts, new AI control system, new activities, and an improved world map.

New visual effects are present when landing on different surfaces. Particles will be kicked off depending on weather conditions. This includes sea spray on the ocean, water spray on a wet/concrete runway, dirt from dirt or a turf strip, and snow from a snow-covered strip. Certain aircraft such as the Piper X Cub and Cessna 152 can also be equipped with skis to enable landings on water and snow. Part of the new AI control system is the ‘land anywhere’ feature which will allow the AI ​​to take full control of the aircraft. This extends to directing the aircraft to automatically fly to any key points of interest, including landmarks, cities, and airports. This feature is completely separate from the autopilot functions that some aircraft have and can therefore be used with them Which plane in sim.

Microsoft Flight Simulator sim world update V 5 Patagonia Aerial

Intercontinental Content

To make it easier to find a good place to fly, the world map now displays full satellite imagery from Bing Maps. In addition, the names of countries, states/provinces, cities and major landmarks are now also displayed across the map.

New activities in Sim Update V for Microsot الطيران Flight Simulator It includes all-new expeditions that will take players across different areas of the planet, especially through areas that have received global updates so far. These include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Nordic region, and Japan. In addition, the training flights were also fixed. Not only are there more of those (22 in total), but things have been simplified to be clearer and easier to follow. Training trips cover approx Every aspect of the trip, including the basics but also more advanced operations such as training with aircraft.

in the year that Microsoft Flight Simulator It was out on the computer, Sim Update V is the biggest yet. We’ll take a look at all the finer details and give our thoughts on improvements after some proper flight testing.

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