Hearthstone patch 21.0 is released silently amid Activision lawsuit

Because of The last lawsuit brought by the state of California against Activision Blizzard, hearthstone The developers released patch 21.0 without any fanfare or celebration. Usually when a big patch is released before a new group drops, there are live streams, show matches, and appearances from popular broadcasters in the world. hearthstone social communication. It’s quite understandable why the team wouldn’t want to do something like that right now, because it would definitely be in bad taste. Along with the patch, the full card roster for the new deck, United in Stormwind, has also been released.

You can check full Correction notes, as well Full card list on charge hearthstone website. The collection introduces a new hero, Galewing, as well as some significant changes to the duels. The order in Duels has now been reset, and the starting deck of 15 cards has been updated with new cards as well. There are also new passive treasures. In addition, the following cards have been banned from duels and cannot be detected now. These cards are the ultimate showdown, Lost in the Park, Defend the Dwarven, Maneuver the Wizard, Rise to the Occasion, Find Guidance, Find the Rogue, Control the Elements, Seed the Devil, and Raid the Docks.

Banning 10 cards from Duels will drastically change the meta, and with the release of a new deck, the entire format is up in the air. Also, Unstable Evolution is blocked from card buckets, but will still be discoverable in duels. The Maestra of the Masquerade has also been banned from building decks, and card buckets, and will not be discoverable. United in Stormwind cards will also be available in card bays when the set is released.

Hearthstone patch 21.0 duels

Not the time to celebrate وقت

The arena will also rotate and cards from the base deck and from Rastakhan’s Rumble to United will appear in Stormwind. Illidan is also a set of quests in the Book of Heroes. Defeat all 8 bosses in this mission to get the Demon Hunter Pack, which contains only Demon Hunter cards of the standard format. Reward paths will also be updated. Any unclaimed rewards on both the Free Track and the Tavern Pass Track, provided you have of course purchased them, will be offered to all players. After that, a brand new reward path for unlockable loot will take its place.

Finally, two new cosmetic coins are available. Earn Stormwind Coin by completing the first 90 levels of the reward path with the Tavern Pass. You can get Lordaeron coin by collecting all 135 new cards in the Stormwind deck. There are also several visual and audio bugs that have been addressed. the hearthstone Patch 21.0 is available now, and United in Stormwind will be released next week on August 3.

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