Sims players flood their homes with the new pond gadget

The Sims 4Cottage Living’s latest expansion introduced a whole host of features—Chickens to raise, llamas for pets, Sims lactose intolerance– and the ability to flood your entire home, if you so choose. The pond tool, which can be filled with algae, frogs, and other aquatic creatures, can simply turn your garden into one big swamp, or your house into one big swimming pool.

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Other players have Share their flooded homes Under the community hashtag #ShowUsYourBuilds. It’s a great sense of taste to say “why yeah, I built this” while Sim frustrated tramples their feet in the waist-high pool water. I remember the subreddit from an aesthetic point of view underwater chairs, which enforces the NSFW labeling rule that chairs are not fully submerged (underwater).

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