Dell will not ship Alienware Aurora computers to six US states

Those who live in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont and Washington will not be able to order certain Alienware Aurora PCs and their orders will be cancelled. Due to the implementation of Level 2 regulations from the California Energy Commission (CEC), the states listed above will now limit the maximum amount of power that can be drawn by a computer.

Those who visit Product Pages For the affected models, you’ll quickly notice a disclaimer that clearly states which configurations do not ship to all states. Unfortunately, most Alienware Aurora R10 and R12 gaming desktop configurations bypass local power regulations set in July, and are therefore affected by these changes.

For the Aurora 10 and 12, only one specific configuration is shipped to all states because it features lower power components and complies with new CEC energy consumption regulations. Surprisingly, the basic models were considered quite powerful, however, a slightly more expensive configuration managed to meet the requirements.

Shipping Alienware Aurora computers

(Image credit: Alienware).

More gaming products to meet new energy regulations

CEC Tier 2 implementation is based not only on an arbitrary value of power consumption, but on a complex set of energy efficiency standards for computers such as desktops, all-in-ones, and more. Furthermore, regulations will begin to include laptops and multi-screen monitors with high refresh rates from December 9, 2021. These restrictions are by no means exclusive to Dell Alienware Aurora PCs. However, as I mentioned before recordDell is the first company to publicly acknowledge the restrictions and begin canceling shipments to certain countries. In the future, other manufacturers will have to make their products more efficient to meet the new standards or completely abandon selling in these areas.

If you live in one of these six states, you might want to consider Build your own computer Now that the individual components are like graphics cards Started to drop in price.

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