The exploits of the Warzone wall have returned to the train station in Verdansk

When you jump in a match call of duty: war zone, There are many points of interest that you can reach. One such area is the train station, which is a relatively popular landing area in Verdansk 84. It’s a pity that the train station has been a hot spot for some huge feats. This includes the bug that players were allowed to get inside the wall during matches. Now, she’s back exploiting the wall with revenge and ruin war zone matches again.

a Call of Duty: War Zone Post a clip player on reddit Someone who uses the wall exploits in his match. It also shows fellow Warzone fans which walls the player was hiding inside. From the video, it appears that the player suspected an enemy in the area. They are seen moving around the train station with as little noise as possible. However, the player did not expect an enemy to be inside a wall.

As we saw with previous wall glitches, the player inside the wall was able to see everything. As a result, they gain a significant advantage. In a fun twist, the player can eliminate the cheater later in the game.

Down in the tracks

It would definitely be disappointing for many players to hear that war zone Wall feats are back. At the time of writing, Raven Software has yet to acknowledge the issue. We can only hope that the developers will be able to publish a fix before the vulnerability is discovered by more potential cheaters. Especially if the exploit is possible in different locations around the map. For now, it may be worth avoiding the train station altogether. At least, you’re not at risk of dying for a player inside the wall.

Why is the train station (my favorite place) the most broken spot in this game?! From CODWarzone

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