Jinshin Effect – Luxurious Chest Locations Guide on Yashuri Island

The land mass located at the extreme southwest end of the Inazuma region is called Yashiori Island. There are a lot of activities and collectibles here. Moreover, you will probably want to find additional treasure. here we have Jinshin effect A guide to help you with the locations of the fancy chests on Yashiori Island, the Electro Seelie sword handle puzzle, and the lost texts.

NB: For more information about the game, check out our website Jinshin effect Axle guides and features, as well Version 2.0 Overview. Likewise, you can take a look at our separate guides for luxury chests found in Narukami Island جزيرة And Kanazuka / Tatarasuna Inazuma districts.

Jinshin effect – Luxurious chest locations guide on Yashiori Island, Electro Seelie and Lost Texts

There are only two luxury chests to be found Jinshin effectYashuri Island District. Each of these puzzles in its own right. Here is the map:

Genshin Impact Yashiori Island Deluxe Chest Guide Electro Seelie Sword Hilt Puzzle Lost Text 1 Map

Deluxe Chest #1: Musoujin Strait – Seelie’s Electric Sword Puzzle

For the Electro Seelie Sword Hilt puzzle on Yashiori Island, you’ll need to interact with the nearby Thunder Bough / Electrograna before marking each sword handle in the correct order. It will show you Electro Seelie floating around, but you can also take a look at the image below.

Genshin Impact Yashiori Island Deluxe Chest Guide Electro Seelie Sword Hilt Puzzle Lost Text 2a

Try to pay attention to the effect of your Electrograna and update it as necessary. It is possible to make mistakes if you are still interacting with the handles of the sword without realizing that you are out of health.

If you are able to distinguish each sword handle in the correct order, two spectra of Nobushi Samurai will appear. Defeat them to open the deluxe chest.

Genshin Impact Yashiori Island Deluxe Chest Guide Electro Seelie Sword Hilt Puzzle Lost Text 2b

Deluxe Chest #2: Fort Mumei – The Missing Text Puzzle

You may have noticed that the map of Yashuri Island has small icons for books. Well, these are actually the four missing script sites. Each can be found near the small huts on site. The first one (2a) has the puzzle block. Simply shoot each one until all the electronic runes face the same direction.

Gen Pct Luxch Inz 3 Yash 1a

The Lost Texts share the unfortunate story of a group of settlers who begin exploring the island. Send the scouts to look ahead (where they will find the missing texts themselves).

Unfortunately, they bumped into some mysterious beings that kept “whispering” to them until they went crazy.

Gen Pct Luxch Inz 3 Yash 1b

After reading all four lost texts, set sail at Waverider just west of Higi Village/southeast of Fort Mumei (shown in the photo below). You will find shallow with a rocky formation. Get closer and the luxury chest will appear.

NB: Not sure if you should complete a file Side Legacy of Urubachi’s Legacy (making Fort Mumei emerge from the sea floor) Just to show the rock formation. You have already finished it.

Gen Pct Luxch Inz 3 Yash 1c

Jinshin effect Available via Official Website. For more information, check out our website Axle guides and features.

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