Opinion: PC is the ultimate solution to console war

PC owners have often viewed console wars with disdain. While Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox fans argue over who has the most powerful system, those on PC can enjoy the latest graphics cards that wipe the floor with them all. Online features have also been welcomed by console owners over the past two decades, while PC gamers have had these perks since the 1990s. It’s not as if console gamers can brag about control systems, as pro gamers have always preferred a mouse and keyboard. And anyway, you can easily use a PlayStation DualShock, Xbox Controller, or Switch Pro Controller with a PC these days.

The only legitimate thing these console players have is that there are some classic console games that haven’t been shown on PC. Well, even that is changing now. So is PC now the ultimate solution to console war?

Keyboards wage war while PC owners look on

Over the years there have been many console wars. While younger players automatically think of PlayStation versus Xbox, older players remember the battles between Nintendo and Sega. The first thing I encountered in the console wars was when some friends were trying to prove that their Sony PlayStation was better than my Nintendo 64. And all the time these schoolyard arguments were taking place, PC gamers saw more and more games coming into their ecosystem. My friends who use PlayStations gloat because they can play Tomb rider, but can also for those on a PC. Other games that are seen as platform exclusive, such as FIFAAnd the hard lime metalAnd the strange world, And final fantasy vii, They were all available on PC within a few weeks or months of release.

In recent years, console wars have become more tribal than ever. PlayStation and Xbox fan camps are so well established that they will pick up any underperformance of their opponents. When the Xbox One launched, some PlayStation owners suddenly became the most appreciative people ever. The idea that they could detect the differences between a 900p and 1080p game on their TV while sitting far away was ridiculous. Meanwhile, some PC gamers were playing 1440p games at higher refresh rates. Perhaps instead of just witnessing these squabbles, we computer enthusiasts should preach the benefits of our ecosystem and the performance advantages available.

Let’s not get caught up in any kind of silly tribalism, but kindly and respectfully showcase what makes PC gaming the place to be.

Xbox and Playstation

The PC is the first home of all games

The core of both PlayStation and Xbox is the PC. Each individual Xbox was a PC that had been modified into a custom case. The same can be said for the last couple of PlayStation systems, too. The one thing more aggressive Sony or Xbox fans should learn is that all of their games were developed on PC in the first place. When the developers at Naughty Dog make the last of us or AnonymousThey don’t work on PlayStations. Get as creative as possible with your game creation software dreamsThis is not what these professional developers do. 343 industries do not sharpen infinite aura on xbox arrays. These developers all build their games on development kits that are essentially computers with the same limitations and quirks of the console they’re developing for.

Nintendo is a bit of a black sheep when it comes to comparing it to other console creators. After the GameCube’s lackluster public response (a system that has been underestimated in the eyes of many Nintendo fans), the manufacturer has moved away from trying to produce the most powerful system out there. As Microsoft and Sony battled teraflops, resolutions, and frames, Nintendo tried to offer its fans different experiences. Wii introduced motion controls to the masses. The Switch has also taken a different path by offering a hybrid system that can be used both as a home console and as a handheld device. Although the Japanese gaming giant is going its own way, its games are also made on PC. It might take more work to release Switch exclusives on PC (especially in terms of controls), but it’s possible.

Bioware Game Development

The rise of computers in the living room

One of the trends in personal computers over recent years has been the introduction of personal computers into the living room. Of course, anyone can put a full-size PC tower in their living room and connect it to their TV. However, most of them admit that these do not always fit in with the rest of the surroundings. Most full-size towers don’t fit into an entertainment closet. This leaves your gaming tower sticking out like an achy thumb. One option for PC enthusiasts is to get a case similar in design to the console. This was attempted with Steam Box, but now there are many options.

Mini-ITX cases have been around for a long time now, but they have become the Going to setup for people who want a console-like PC. As always with building computers, if you don’t feel confident building one yourself, there are many ready-made options from a range of manufacturers. Most console owners who delve into PC gaming for the first time find this particularly convenient. Although you have to pay more to get a pre-built model, they provide a good entry point into PC gaming and are usually really set up so there is less messing around with drivers and other updates. Alternatively, you can check out the NVIDIA Shield. This allows you to stream from your computer to your TV, eliminating the need to have your horoscope in the living room.

Games used to go from PC to console, but now it’s reversed

Back in the day I was an Xbox 360 owner, it was one of my favorite games orange box. For those who don’t know or remember, it consisted of half life 2 (Including Episodes 1 & 2), Castle team 2, And outlet. It was a great package with some really great games. It allowed console owners to check out what PC gamers were playing. It’s something that was happening a lot in the early days of gaming. Since games are often developed on PC, they used to release on this platform first and then make it onto consoles. Lately, this hasn’t happened much. Indie games do it all the time, but big-budget games don’t. There are games that move (Diablo III as one of my favorites), but they tend to either run on PC alongside other systems or stay on consoles only

Things on this front are definitely changing. For a start, Microsoft has made a big push to bring the Xbox ecosystem to PC. All first-party Xbox titles are now launching on PC along with the console versions. Microsoft even brought the Xbox Game Pass subscription service to PC. Sony has started supporting PC versions as well. The Japanese manufacturer may not support PC with the same level of commitment as Xbox, but there are some PlayStation exclusives that carry over to PC. games like Horizon Zero DawnAnd the death strandAnd the Days gone by, And Detroit: Be human Now playable on PC – and it could expand even further With Anonymous. Sony also has a PlayStation Now service that allows subscribers to stream a select list of PlayStation titles to your computer. Now, if only Nintendo could bring some good stuff to the PC platform. play idea Zelda: Breath of the Wild At high refresh rates, 4K, and/or with ray tracing it made us drool over.

Concept Art Horizon Zero Dawn Guerrilla Console war pc

concept art for Horizon Zero Dawn (Image credit: Guerrilla Games).

Come to PC, everyone is welcome

As development costs rise, publishers will want to get their merchandise to the largest possible audience. By including PC as the platform on which the game is available, it still allows for “console exclusivity,” but can increase profits by adding more sales. As more publishers learn to accept this, the PC will become an essential purchase for any console gamer who wants to play all the games they want. This could really lead to the end of the console wars and a larger and more comprehensive ecosystem of PCs.

At the end of the day, all gamers want to play the best games possible. So, what if we all just stop with that little squabble? Choose a computer or upgrade your system. Let’s move beyond tribalism to console preference and share our love of gaming on one big ecosystem. There is room for everyone, whether your budget is big or small. If you are the owner of a personal computer or the buyer of a pre-built, everything is welcome. Now, if we could make computers a little more plug and play.

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