Gigapocalypse Early Access – Is It Worth It?

Let’s be real. There are not enough games about Kaiju destroying cities. There are some for sure, but the genre is very suitable for gaming, and yet it doesn’t receive all that much love. Luckily, Gigapocalypse I just got into early access to try and lighten that up a little bit. The game can’t help but remember frenzy, but with more replayability, added RPG elements and increased mobile game characteristics. Despite having only four levels to stomp through, the game easily offers hours of gameplay, even in this early state. But the question remains: is it? Gigapocalypse Is it really worth it, or should you put it off for now?

Gigapocalypse He has three Kaiju to choose from, each corresponding to easy, medium and hard difficulties. No matter which Kaiju you choose, your monster begins in a dungeon maintained by a man named Captain Villain. This initial stage acts as a brief tutorial where you can see your monster in full force, before it is significantly weakened by a time portal and sent away with only a fraction of that strength remaining. The following are the tasks in which you upgrade your monsters to apex form by wreaking untold levels of havoc on humans.

The centerpiece of the experience is a screen showing a small version of each Kaiju in the center. You can freely switch between any of the three via the options menu, although they don’t share anything. Each Kaiju starts with only his basic moves. The easiest monster comes with a claw attack and a weak beam, but it also has a lot of passive healing abilities. Kaiju’s default attack uses ice shards. Hard Kaiju only has a melee attack that also throws explosive food items, although there are small archers on his body that attack when you do.

Gigapocalypse Early Access to Frenzy Game Preview

high in the smoke

All three play very differently and have a unique skill set and upgrade paths. On the hub screen, you can pet your child’s monster, clean its litter, and improve its abilities. At first, you can only get out to the first city, where the soldiers will be torn apart rather quickly. But destroying gives you points which you will use to upgrade Kaiju’s attributes. You’ll also fill in a bar that gives you a skill point each time you level up, along with stat bonuses. Skill Points are used to unlock and upgrade skills that work in the cooldown.

Gigapocalypse It is an automatic passing game. You can’t move Kaiju, so he walks on his own, but you have complete control over his attacks. While this misses some of the visceral effect you might get from doing things more like frenzy he is working well. Destroying websites is a lot of fun. The game is set to be in Early Access for only two months. By release, there will be two more levels and six more levels of Kaiju. Given its low $9.99 price tag and the amount of content already out there, I’d say Gigapocalypse Definitely worth it in early access if its premise appeals to you. And who doesn’t love wasting cities like a giant monster? That’s right, a lot smaller Monster.

Gigapocalypse Early Access to Frenzy Game Preview

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