Genshin Impact Inazuma Guide – New in Version 2.0 update

Version 2.0 of the Inazuma update Jinshin effect It is undoubtedly the largest one to date. Your journey continues forward as you explore a vast region, representing Japan representing Japan. You’ll solve tons of puzzles, discover endless secrets, pick up various collectibles, meet characters like Ayaka and Yoimiya, and push the story even further. here we have Jinshin effect Inazuma’s Guide and Overview to help you update version 2.0 known as “The Immovable God and the Eternal Document.”

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Jinshin effect Inazuma Guide: Version 2.0 “The Unmovable God and the Eternal Document” – New Content and Events

Ayaka, Yumiya and Sayo

Kazuha She was the first Inazuma character to join your wishlist. in this moment Jinshin effectInazuma version 2.0 update, you have a chance to get Kamisato Ayaka thanks to its distinctive motto known as “The Heron Court”. The descendant of the Kamisato clan does his best to help the people despite the tyrannical rule of Baal, Raiden Shogun and Electro Archon. You can learn more about Ayaka on our website Character / Weapon / Artifact Building Guide. Similarly, we have a file Sakura Bloom Farming Guide To help you in her physical ascent.

Once the banner of Ayaka ends on August 10, we’ll see Yumiya’s arrival. This girl loves fireworks, and her arrow shots are explosive on takeoff. A 4-star Sayo figure will also be part of the Yumiya banner.

Genshin Impact Version 2.0 Inazuma Update What's New Unmoved Eternal God Euthymia Guide Ayaka Yumiya Baal 1

Continuing Archon’s Mission and Other Stories

Your arrival in the area will be full of intrigue as you learn more about Raiden Shogun’s Vision Hunt ordinance. the chapter one Archon’s mission takes you on a long journey through Narukami Island that leads to an encounter with Ayaka and Thoma.

After this point, you will help Ayaka to The story of “Chapter Grus Nivis”. Likewise, you will have a tour with Yoimiya in Mission “Carassius Auratus Chapter”. When you’re done, the risks in Chapter II From Archon Quest. Rival forces line up against each other, setting the stage for a major conflict.

Genshin Impact Version 2.0 Inazuma Update What's New Unmoved Eternal God Guide Euthymia Ayaka Yoimiya Baal 2

Amazing side quests, many secrets, intricate puzzles, and new weapons

Keep in mind that the above tasks are not the only ones you will encounter. This is because there are no less than three important side competitions in the Inazuma District. These actually lead to new 4-star weapons that you can craft:

  • In the Sacred Sakura Cleansing RitualOn the island of Narukami, you will find many corrupt shrines. It’s up to you to help a mysterious maiden shrine named Kazari. Concluding this task chain allows you to get a file Hakushin Ring Catalyst. In addition, some of the places you will visit have ancient stone slabs that are required for Aminuma Kaguchi.
  • Meanwhile, the Tatara tales Kanazuka’s Sidequest shows entire villages trapped within divisions. Your main goal is to find a way to destroy them. Along the way, you’ll discover chests that contain a secret. They have keys that reward you with Katsuragiri Nagamasa.
  • Then, once you reach Yashiori Island, you can start european heritage. The mission includes puzzles with bright bars, energy orbs, and water barriers. If you reach the end of it, you will get Cross Spear Kitin.

Genshin Impact Version 2.0 Inazuma Update What's New Unmoved Eternal God Guide Euthymia Ayaka Yoimiya Baal 3

New bosses and enemies

One of the new agricultural heads of Jinshin effectVersion 2.0 of the Inazuma update is permanent mechanical matrix (found on Narukami Island). This robot has many transformations. It can transform into a sword, a cross that shoots with lasers, and even a missile that populates your location. It drops the eternal heart which happens to be one of the materials of Ayaka’s ascension.

After that, there is a file pyro palaces (found in Kanazuka). This crystal entity has different abilities and you need to use elemental reflexes to bring down his shield. Your reward for hitting it is the Burning Pearl, the material for the rise of Yuemia.

Genshin Impact Version 2.0 Inazuma Update What's New Unmoved Eternal God Guide Euthymia Ayaka Yoimiya Baal 4a

Then there is back Mago Kinki (Now located on Yashiori Island). This mech samurai still has the same attacks and you can farm it for Marionette Cores. You may still need to level up Kazuha or prepare for Sayu’s arrival because she also uses this material.

Speaking of new creatures and entities, this version adds new types like Fatui Mirror Maidens, pesky Ruin Sentinels, different types of Nobushi samurai, and Electro-based versions of existing enemies (such as Thunderhelm Lawachurl and Electro Whopperflowers). Oh, and you may come across several Tanuki dances, as well as special types of Electro Seelie that zip and rush all over the place.

Genshin Impact Version 2.0 Inazuma Update What's New The Unmovable God The Eternal Euthymia Guide Ayaka Yoimiya Baal 4b

Domains, artifacts, and new materials

As for digging dungeons, Inazuma has Six new areas. Some of them can be accessed from scratch, while others require solving fascinating puzzles. Two of these areas, Court of Flowing Sand and Violet Court, will provide you with talent leveling tools and weapons respectively. Meanwhile, Momiji-Dyed Court brings you two new collections of artifacts:

  • Shiminawa memories:
    • 2-piece bonus – +18% attack.
    • 4 Pieces Bonus – When you have 15+ energy when using an elemental skill, this energy is consumed. But, you will increase your damage by 50% on your normal, charged and submerged attacks for 10 seconds.
  • Severed Fate logo:
    • 2 bonus pieces – + 20% energy recharge.
    • 4 Piece Bonus – Increases your item’s blast damage by 25% of your energy recharge rate. You can get a maximum of 75% extra damage this way.

General PCt Ver Inz Imv Eteuth 1

Collectibles and Mechanics

master mechanic at Jinshin effectInazuma’s version 2.0 update is to use Thunder Boughs / Electrograna. This refinement allows you to pass through barriers, survive the effects of damage over time from the environment, and use grapple points in the air. Since it is related to sandbox progression, you will already be able to قادر Get privileges from the sacred sakura tree To enhance the effects of Electrograna.

Similarly, the traveler is now able to use the power of Electro by interacting with the statue of the Seven in Inazuma. At the end, you will find files Electricity is everywhere. These floating crowns can be collected, and some are hard to find. They’ll allow you to upgrade the Seven Statues in Inazuma, and you’ll in turn get Primojims, Depth Shrine Keys, Electro Sigils (for the sacred sakura tree), and constellation upgrades for Electro Traveler.

General Pct Ver Inz Imv Eteuth 2

More events, improvements and modifications

The event that is currently running is called Thunder Sojourn. You’ll use the above Electrograna mechanics to beat and compress air, or charge crystals that cause devastating explosions. The event store allows you to pick up many items, but the main bonus is Beidou for free.

As for tweaks and improvements, one of the most important additions is a file short track mechanic. It allows you to choose a 5-star weapon that you would like to obtain with the summary invocation wishes. If you don’t get the item you want, you’ll earn Fate Points to ensure you drop the item later. Keep in mind that the feature itself is useful, but it may also tempt you to spend more. The update also includes things like gardening tools/plants for your Serenitea Pot, a way to get Artifact Strongboxes, and more.

General Pct Ver Inz Imv Eteuth 3

Jinshin effect After Inazuma version 2.0 update

Inazuma is yours to explore to your heart’s content, and you will most likely enjoy every moment. For now, this release is expected to run until the last week of August or the first week of September. Once we get into version 2.1, you can bet that Jinshin effect He has more in store for players.

We know that Raiden Shogun, Sangunomiya Kokumi, and Kojo Sara It has been officially unveiled, so it may be available in Wish Banners in the next release. We also have to think of characters like Thoma, Yae Miko, and Gorou who have already appeared in the missions.

General PCt Ver Inz Imv Eteuth 4

Finally, we’ll get a surprising crossover: Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn it will be 5 star free character. Those on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 can get it via in-game mail once version 2.1 starts (other platforms need to wait for version 2.2).

Still, those who own a PS4 or PS5 (but don’t play Jinshin effect On these platforms) link their miHoYo and PSN accounts, log into their consoles to grab in-game mail, and switch to their preferred platform to use Aloy there. Looks like I’ll be dusting off my old PS4 just so I can pre-access Aloy despite playing mostly on PC.

Jinshin effect Available via Official Website. For more information, check out our website Axle guides and features.

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