Do you listen to the dialogue or do you read it and skip ahead?

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It’s nice to attach a voice to a character you care about, and the actors and directors sure put a lot of work into all-voice games. But it’s still tempting to read the translations and Skip to the end. Sometimes you can get impatient to get to the next part, or you don’t actually want to hear someone focusing on all the wrong places. It might make you feel bad, but it’s tempting to just tap or spacebar your way.

Do you listen to the dialogue or read and skip it?

These are our answers, plus some of ours forum.

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James Davenport: I am the captain. Unless the facial animations and voiceovers are out of this world, I feel like I can get the gist of emotional intent without missing out on anything. I’m a fast reader too, and I don’t like waiting to catch up with vocal performers. I don’t feel like skipping over anything hacked into Divinity: Original Sin 2 or the Mass Effect trilogy.

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