The Witcher mobile game makes the real world less fun

The best thing that happened during my hour of walking outside staring at my phone playing The Witcher: Monster Slayer came in the first five minutes or so. In the inaugural teaching assignment, I investigated a monster attack that decapitated a horse lying on the ground. Except for my game, after I tapped on augmented reality to make The Witcher’s monsters appear in the “real” world on my phone screen, the decapitated horse’s head flew two feet off the ground, embedded in a parking sign. If the AR feature is consistently funny, it may have saved Monster Slayer from being a boring and disappointing use of the Witcher setup.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a Pokémon Go game that takes you out into the world to fight creatures from the fantasy world of The Witcher on random street corners. This mostly means manually swiping your finger across your phone screen to swing the sword. I will honestly say she has a file Few Depth because you can swipe quickly for fast attacks or slowly for powerful attacks.

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