DreamHack Beyond is a multiplayer hybrid game, straight to show today

DreamHack is back again, but as an online show starting today. Instead of it being an in-person event, the organizers unveiled DreamHack Beyond, a “festival of co-ed and multiplayer online” for participants to explore the show and cheer on the teams from home.

DreamHack Beyond was created by Super Crowd. The developer was behind other multiplayer Expo games for events like gamescom and Hamburg Games Conference Online 2021. Similar to those previous events, DreamHack Beyond is a bit like a role-playing game. I created an avatar online and guided them through digital walkways with different themes.

One example from the trailer showed something like a post-apocalyptic Pac-Man painting, with the giant stone head of its hungry hero raising his voice to the audience. There are also experience points that must be gained and looted to discover.

Grab this realistic loot

The offer starts today and will run until July 31. DreamHack has been known for years for offering several esports tournaments across a range of games, and this year will be no different. There will be over $30,000 “cash prizes” on offer across games like League of Legends (July 24), It is an electronic gameAnd the Storm heroesAnd the brave, And… Between us? I didn’t know slot crawling could be an esports.

There are other things happening besides esports. This year’s DreamHack will receive “the first ever Speedrun series”. The organizers collaborated with Warp World to present it speed through the ages, starting with 8-bit before moving into the vastly superior 16-bit era. DreamHack will also include music performances by artists such as Hyper Potions (sonic maniaAnd the Rocket League) and Qlank.

You can watch these events and inside the game Beyond. It will start at 1 PM ET with an opening show. You can check out all the events listed through Online schedule.

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