Max Payne’s original face and voice team up to prove that 20 years later, he still gets it

It’s hard to believe Max Payne, the new shooter that has given us a long time, an insanely superior interlocutor, and one of the most famous frown In all video games, he’s now 20 years old. To celebrate the big Christmas, Remedy creative director Sam Lake and voice actor Max Payne James McCaffrey got together to prove that the grizzly tragic detective he still has.

Lake was the writer on Max Payne, but he’s also known for introducing the character’s grimace, a look that was likely meant to anger but ended up somewhere akin to finding something annoying at the bottom of your shoe. The larger-budget Max Payne 2’s look has been changed: Max Payne’s fall, but the Lake mug has continued as a sort of “Max Classic” that’s instantly recognizable. McCaffrey’s voice also matches the character, though – a fun bit of trivia here – he wasn’t originally on Max Payne 3 because Rockstar wanted someone who looked Older And even more affected by its effect on Max. Fortunately, that decision was eventually (and rightly) invalidated.

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