Genshin Impact Katsuragikiri Nagamasa Guide – How to Get Weapon

While on a mission to Tatara Tales in Jinshin effect, you have to be able to Destroy divisions using Kamuijima cannons. Doing so will reveal new areas for you to explore, entire villages that were previously trapped within a barrier. These places have more goodies and bonuses (Tatarasuna alone has no less than four Electroculi for you to grab). In addition, you will be able to collect exotic items known as “Keys to Some Place”, eventually unlocking a room with a 4-star claymore scheme. here we have Jinshin effect Katsurakiri Nagamasa guide to help you get a blueprint for this weapon.

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Jinshin effect Katsuragikiri Nagamasa Guide: Keys to Some Place and the Claymore Diagram

‘Keys to Some Place’ is found inside common nondescript chests (you wouldn’t even know they hold something special). You can start searching for them as soon as you destroy the cracks with the cannons. However, I suggest waiting until you get a file priority investigation mission from Xavier. The missions there will actually lead you to get close to some of these locations.

NB: Remember that Balethunder’s effects are active in these areas. Your health will be drained unless you can get the Thunder Bough / Electrograna.

Genshin Impact Tatara Tales How to Get Katsuragikiri Nagamasa 1a Guide

key #1

This can be found in a village in the northern section of Tatarasuna (near the Statue of the Seven). The image above shows what things look like when you approach the village.

The goal here is to go to the bottom area of ​​the tower by picking up an Electrograna buff. Inside the destroyed tower, you will find a chest with the key. Below this level, you will find a place where you need to place the beacon for the priority fulfillment task.

Genshin Impact Tatara Tales How to Get Katsurakiri Nagamasa 1b . Guide

key #2

For the second switch, you should have unlocked the southernmost point of travel in the area. Make your way to the cliff overlooking Tatarasuna and slide down.

You should see a platform with a chest, a wooden bridge, and a Mikage furnace in the distance. Oh, and down, near the river, is the location of the weapon’s outline itself. We’ll talk about that shortly.

Genshin Impact Tatara Tales How to Get Katsurakiri Nagamasa 2 Guide

Key # 3

The third key to Jinshin effectKatsurakiri Nagamasa can be found near Tatarasuna’s Mikage Furnace. You’ll want to use the former fast travel point on the Southern Cliffs. Get closer to Tatarasuna and slide until you reach the roof of one of the houses with a chest.

Genshin Impact Tatara Tales How to Get Katsurakiri Nagamasa 3 دليل Guide

Arsenal portal and scheme

As mentioned earlier, the room with the scheme is located just below the river. Jump down and find the Arsenal Gate.

Use the three keys you got to unlock it and fight against the spawning Ruin Sentinels. Open the big treasure chest and order the blueprint. Oh, and there’s also electrification here.

General Pct Ktsgkr Wep Gd 1

Jinshin effectKatsurajikiri Nagamasa

Like other 4-star crafted weapons in the Inazuma region of Jinshin effectRequires Katsurakiri Nagamasa 50x Amethyst Lumps and 50x White Iron Chunk (plus Northlander Claymore Billet). Mind you, this claymore looks like Cross Spear Kitin, the final reward from Orobashi Legacy Mission Series on Yoshiori Island.

In fact, Katsurakiri Nagamasa has Elemental Proficiency as a sub-statistic and “samurai behavior” feature. The feature increases initial damage by 6%. The character will lose energy when their base skill hits the opponent, but they will recreate them again soon even when they are not on the field. on the principle:

  • -3 energy when you hit your items skill.
  • +3 Energy every 2 seconds for the next 6 seconds (+9 Energy).
  • In total, you will regenerate +6 Energy via proc (excluding what you gain from orbs).

General Pct Ktsgkr Wep Gd 2

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