Ubisoft wins $150,000 lawsuit against Rainbow Six Siege’s DDoS operation

In January 2020, Ubisoft lawsuit against the operators of SNG.one, a website that allegedly offered to introduce DDoS attacks against online games including rainbow six sig. In a hypothetical ruling earlier this month, the US District Court for the Central District of California ruled in favor of Ubisoft and awarded it more than $153,000.

Prior to the lawsuit, SNG.one advertised itself as a service to test firewalls against the attack. But Ubisoft claimed that its operators also provided services through other websites, including r6s.support, which specifically targeted Rainbow Six Siege for DDoS attacks. It also alleged that when the lawsuit was filed, the defendants “hastily sought to conceal evidence of their involvement,” including by posting a fake notice on one of their websites claiming that the domain had been taken over by Microsoft and Ubisoft.

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