Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Sites and Amenoma Kageuchi Guide

Amenoma Kageuchi is a new 4 star/katana sword you can craft into it Jinshin effect. However, before you can get the recipe, you’ll first need to collect several ancient stone tablets in Inazuma. here we have Jinshin effect A guide to help you find all the ancient stone tablets so you can get Amenoma Kageuchi.

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Jinshin effect – Ancient Stone Stone Sites and Guide to Amenoma Kageuchi

Keep in mind that private quests for Amenoma Kageuchi and Old Stone Slates can run out. It will simply not appear in the mission tab unless you collect all the ancient stone slabs first.

Anyway, the first step tends to involve a guy named Simon Gero. You’ll find it on Jinrn Island, north of the larger Narukami Island. It is also where you will find a portal that will take you to Perpetual Mechanical Matrix boss battle معركة. If you go up on the larger landmass (near the gateway), you’ll notice that Jiro is trapped inside a cage. There is a lengthy dialogue, but you will be asked to find a key. It’s in a tree near the cliff.

Once Jirou is freed, the quest “The Farmer’s Treasure” should appear. But, even if it doesn’t, that’s totally okay. We’ll just look for the old stone slabs as we go.

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Ancient Stone Slate No. 1 in Kunda Village

go down the well in Kunda village The purification of the underground shrine. Next, look for the nearby Thunder Bough / Electrograna so you can pass through the Thunder Barrier on a ledge. You will find a room with many items, including the Old Stone Slate.

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide 1

Old Stone Slate #2 and #3 in the Araumi Underwater Pass

If you have commemorative lens عدسةYou should be able to open the seal leading to the Araumi Shrine. Once you get to it, finish the ritual normally. Then head to the submerged area and follow her as she circles around. you will find An area with five electric puzzle blocks This will drain the water. The nearby earthen mound has the Old Stone Slate.

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide 2a

If you are able to solve the puzzle, you should be able to pass the passage that leads further down.

Eventually, you will reach a large cave with an accessory Underground teleporter and shipwreck. Check out the shipwreck for another important item.

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide 2b

Old Stone Slate #4 near Kamisato Estate

The last item we’re looking for is north of Kamisato real estate. Head to the beach to find the Waverider waypoint. Examine the small tent to find it.

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide 3

Now that you have all 4 ancient stone tablets, the quest “Farmer’s Treasure” should appear (if it didn’t exist before). Jiro’s location on Jinren Island will be marked on your map, so travel there.

It tells you that there is a fifth element to look for, one near the waterfalls in Araumi. Check the sign and go there. Examine the little hills on the beach until Paimon loses her patience. Looks like Jiro was lying.

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide 4a

Return to Jinren Island (this time the largest of land) and you will see Jiro being imprisoned again! This time, he is instigated by Nobushi Samurai, and after a long dialogue, you have to fight them.

There are many waves that include Nobushi, treasure hunters, and even Fatui customers.

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide 4b

After defeating all the enemies, Jirou will give you a key that will open a nearby towed door. In this underground room, place the four ancient stone slabs on the floor to start the puzzle. Simply step on each tile without backing out.

When you finish, the door will open. Unfortunately, the chest does not contain good loot.

General Pct Osst Amnkgc Gd 2

Enraged, Jiro will return to Kunda Village. Meeting Simon’s entire family who will end up scolding him. You must complete the mission, and get 1x Northlander Sword Billet and Amenoma Kageuchi recipe. Open the precious items tab in your inventory to learn them.

Like the Cross Spear Kitin And the Hakushin ringAmenoma Kageuchi requires 50x cut amethyst and 50x white iron piece (plus a Northlander iron piece). The weapon has an attack percentage as a sub stat (which is pretty good).

Likewise, it has the feature of “Iwakura Succession”. Basic skills allow you to get succession seeds (you can get up to three of them). When you use your blast/ultra-fast, you’ll regenerate six energy for each successive seed consumed. Just to clarify, I didn’t I tested it so far on Ayaka, so I don’t know if it would be viable for her compared to other options.

General Pct Osst Amnkgc Gd 3

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