Fall Guys Season 5 launch imminent, adding jungle cures and tomb raiding

Entire Mediatonic Unveil the forest Today with full length fall guys Season 5 trailer, extended preview, and release date. There is a lot of new content to absorb, so get ready to dig into the details. Today fall guys Season 5 Live broadcast revealed! Six new levels (or rounds, officially), what to expect in the next season pass, playlist updates, limited-time rewards, and a July 20 release date.

The most exciting news has to be the huge list of new levels that will expand as you play. There are no levels in the original version of fall guys It was a complaint from many players. Of course, Mediatonic has a large number of employees and Got support from Epic Games Since then to meet the demand. Now that we’re getting bigger releases and more updates, this should help keep things fresh for players every day.

All 6 new levels seem to have a different focus of level design. You’ll swing between trees, run from rhinos, explore temples, and bounce your way to victory. As you can see from the trailer, one thing is clear Indiana Jones Inspiration for the temple. Interestingly, it appears that the bean is necessary to escape from the temple after claiming the crown. Whether that translates to gameplay is a different story.

Fall Guys release date for season 5 levels

Well, look at you

There are also some premium new skins that you can gain. Some are a little present while others fit the theme. fall guys There’s no shortage of skins, however, and it’s all about looking the way you want it to anyway.

The team players will no doubt be happy to hear the news of the upcoming new playlists. There will be time-limited duo and triple modes to enjoy with the teams. You will also be able to earn exclusive rewards for your winnings and progress in these modes. Mediatonic plans to share more information later on exactly what those rewards and events will entail.

Fall Guys Season 5 Gameplay Trailer Fame Path Pass

Mediatonic also quipped that some “special guests” are on the way, which appears to indicate more leather crossovers. Indiana Jones sounds obvious, but looks like a terrifying bean if we’re being honest. Horror aside, there will be some stability improvements that you can look forward to as well. Hopefully all of your stumbles apply only to your beans and not to your computers.

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