How to unlock Roo in Streets of Rage 4 and accomplish his secret clown

While I was playing Survival mode in My preview building from Streets of Rage 4 – Mr. X Nightmare, you opened a set of artistic concepts. In the middle of the hand-drawn images of the actors, I saw a rendering of Roo, a hidden character from the third game. Naturally, I wondered if Dotemu managed to sneak in this boxer kangaroo as a hidden character. Well, it turns out I was right for the money. Ru is not only an unlockable character, but the community has been able to figure out how to get into it within hours of DLC being streamed live. This just goes to show that you should never suspect a group of people who want to play as a boxing kangaroo. Here’s how to open Roo in a file Streets of Rage 4, in addition to his secret clown feat.

To unlock this last fighter is a simple task. I guess you need the DLC, because I don’t think it came in the free update. When you are in the game’s main menu, highlight Story at the top of the menu. Next, lift the press and the attack button at the same time. You can’t do one before the other, or you’ll end up in Exit. Next, press the Options (or Start) button. Head to any game mode of your choice, a code for Roo will be available right above Streets of Rage 3 Shiva.

Yes, unfortunately, you only get SoR 3 ru version. As far as I know, Dotemu and his team haven’t updated the big guy. However, just being here, finally, in Streets of Rage 4 Amazing. It’s as you might remember: a brown kangaroo with bright red boxing gloves and blue boxing shorts. Roo (or Vicky as he was known) was an unwilling little boss Streets of Rage 3 With a tackle, danish. When he was defeated, you could play as Roe in the character selection area for the follow-up option.

How to Unlock Roo Streets of Rage 4 Dlc Secret Achievement Fight

My son is back.

It’s a great clown festival

Once you open Roo in Streets of Rage 4You can use it in any situation. This includes survival. Once again, Roo proves that Dotemu and Sega charge very little for this massive content, and Roo also gets his own set of five unlockable moves through Survival Mode.

Roo had played in the game for a short while prior to this article. It’s a combo fan’s dream, and he has a special target hit 20 times (no, really). I’ve been pulling 100-cross combos in my rounds with Roo. He’s not physically strong, but his combo potential is out of this world, allowing you to shut down your enemies with ease. Also, his back attack should not be ignored. Not only does it extend beyond a small stroke, but it moves it back quite a bit. Clicking on it lets you combo and keeps enemies at a distance.

Ro star movement… something. He summoned his old wizard Danesh, a fearsome clown with a whip. Danch comes into the role of an NPC, tracking Roo for a very long period of time while hitting enemies. Roe also has a secret clown feat associated with his star movement. If you summon Danch three times, you will unlock Clown Wars (lead an army of 3 clowns). If you want to get it fast, start a level, pause, and choose to try again with help. Choose the option that gives you an extra 2 stars, and spam away.

How to Unlock Roo Streets Of Rage 4 Dlc Secret Achievement Clown Fiesta

(Please don’t) Send the clowns.

What other secrets remain?

Mr. was launched. X Nightmare only yesterday, but I wonder what other secrets Dotemu might have added. There is speculation that the other secret character of Shiva Streets of Rage 2. Dotemo You didn’t tweet out the gif the end of the show SoR 2 Shiva is walking around. However, judging by how she looks (and how awkwardly Estel stands there), I’ll say it’s just a joke. But who knows if the developer bothers Something. With the inclusion of Roo, Mr. X Nightmare has four playable characters (as long as it’s part of the DLC, of ​​course). This raises the total to 21 Characters throughout the history of the franchise. Another one can’t hurt, right?

If we hear about any other secrets hidden in this great content, we will let you know.

How to Unlock Streets of Row of Fury 4 Secret Achievement Moves in DLC