Guild legends show a loyal adaptation

Capcom is totally out with monster hunter franchise lately. Since the resounding success of Monster Hunter WorldCapcom has taken out all kinds of monster hunter– Related media, including two new shaped games Monster Hunter Rise And the monster hunter 2 . stories In addition to writing a movie Less Than Sincerity. And soon, Capcom will be launching another multimedia project for the franchise, an animated movie on Netflix called Monster Hunter: Guild Legends. Initially announced back in 2018, Monster Hunter: Guild Legends I just received a trailer that gives a glimpse into the film’s introduction and general style.

This new movie stars Aiden, a young fisherman who previously served as a supporting character in both Monster Hunter 4 And the Monster Hunter World. Aiden must team up with his fellow hunters to stop the Elder Dragon, who threatens not only nature itself, but also the safety of his village.

A familiar world in a new medium

One aspect of the trailer that is likely to please old fans is that it features many of the characters, monsters, and iconic items from the games. Several recurring weapons from the series appear, including the glaive bug. Besides Aiden’s return, Palico’s iconic companion also appears at the end of the trailer. Judging by some short clips and joke-worthy groans by Aiden, the Elder Dragon that serves as the focal point of the plot will be Lunastra, a recurring monster who first appeared in Monster Hunter 2.

Fans sure have reason to be careful about the new animation monster hunter The film, especially given the mixed to negative reception of monster hunter Movie Less than a year ago. But even a peek at the trailer shows it Monster Hunter: Guild Legends It adapts the source material more faithfully, and there is a strong probability that it will turn into a high-quality product. Fans who want to watch this new game monster hunter You can check it out on August 12th.

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