Contest: Win a Curved Space Shooter for Steam

Wincurvedspacesteam contest

Win a curved space on Steam in today’s contest!

But if the Earth is flat, isn’t it space?

[In today’s contest, you can win Curved Space for Steam!]

I’ll be honest with you guys – I don’t believe in space. Not that I trust him a bit, but I don’t think he’s real. Sure, you can refer to NASA, the Sun, and Guardians of the Galaxy All you want to convince me is that it really exists, but it wouldn’t change my mind about it!

However, this game takes place in that fictional land known as space. If you are a #SpaceTruther, you might like it curved space, which you recently pressed the key. Win a copy for PC, and buy lies of intergalactic existence!

curved space

I refuse to take responsibility for spreading space lies, so read this:

curved space is an intense arcade-style two-stick shooter that takes the classic formula and plunges it into the strangest areas of space. Battle space-invading cosmic spiders across curving landscapes as bullets embrace the terrain while the horizon falls sharply out of sight.

Inspired by the arcade classics, players will have to scavenge for weapon reinforcements and upgrades while dodging enemy fire, blasting multidimensional bugs, and wrestling with some massive monsters. It’s easy to learn as you fight your way through the story-driven branching campaign, but hard to master as you chase leaderboard glory.

  • Reimagining Old School Shmup: Enjoy the high-energy action of traditional 2D shooting games in a distorted 3D space. Climb the walls, flip to the other side of your environment, and enjoy the stunning views.
  • Play your way and top the leaderboards: Experience the terrifying journey of a space pilot in the campaign, accept new challenges, test your skills, and chase your place on the leaderboards in Runs, Arena, Survival and Endless daily play modes.
  • Ride the compound wave: Get in the zone with a high-energy soundtrack by synthesized sound waves in partnership with FiXT Neon, which features artists like Scandroid, 3Force and Fury Weekend
  • Upgrade and take them down: Collect a huge amount of abilities and weapon upgrades. Weapons are varied (from lasers to flamethrowers to weed-throwers!) and are equipped with their own double speed cases!

The space spiders deserve nothing less than to be banished into oblivion.

How to win

To enter to win your copy, use the tool below to leave your name and email address. We have four copies to assign. We will be drawing the winners next week, so don’t waste your time!

curved space Available now for steam.

PCI Contest: Win a Space shooter Curved Space for Steam

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